Hydrate In Style With The Latest In Water Trends

November 21, 2018 in Articles - No Comments
We’ve had superfoods, good fats, bad fats and everything in between and now it’s the turn of coconut water to take a bow. You may have been drinking this good stuff for years but right now coconut water is the big thing, not least because it does genuinely have some great health benefits going for… Read More »

How is a Genetic Disorder Inherited?

March 24, 2017 in Articles, Kids - No Comments
Usually, our bodies’ cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes, which hold genetic information in the form of genes. Genetic disorders are caused by changes or damages to a gene, resulting in a genetic mutation. There are several ways in which a genetic disorder can be inherited, depending on the type of gene. Autosomal Dominant Inheritance… Read More »


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