Jaxon Wears: Rugged Bear

May 29, 2013 in Fashion, Kids, Pregnancy & Baby - 3 Comments
The warm weather has finally decided to stick around here in NWI and now we are replenishing the boys' wardrobes with attire appropriate for the season. One of the styles that we are admiring are plaids and polos. The prep look is classic as it continues to trend, year after year. Jaxon received a sampling… Read More »

Jayden’s Baby

January 2, 2013 in Kids, Personal, Pregnancy & Baby - 6 Comments
Jayden spent the weekend with his Nana (great grandma) and he started to miss baby. - - - "Jayden was looking at pictures on the computer and when I looked at him he had tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was looking at his baby. He said… Read More »

Fair Isle, Four Down

December 28, 2012 in Celebrations, Life & Quirks, Personal - 2 Comments
Sophistishe has gone Fair Isle! Come on over if you're reading through the feed. I wanted to redesign for the holiday, but ran out of time, so I went with something more appropriate for the Winter season. Most of my designs are inspired by textiles, this time by a new sweater and leggings, both Fair… Read More »

Life with a newborn… again.

December 1, 2012 in Kids, Personal, Pregnancy & Baby - 16 Comments
Where do I begin? I guess I should start with... myself. Postpartum me. It's been three weeks and physically I feel fine. The first week I found myself trying to do too much. There's a reason you're supposed to rest that 1st week :-/. Between my weakened back and uterine cramps (they worsen after each subsequent… Read More »

Got Milk?

November 30, 2012 in Kids, Personal - 6 Comments
For two days in a row I've felt like I wasn't making enough milk through the late night - early morning. The night before I had been up chain nursing Jaxon until my boobs were dry and he.kept.demanding.MORE. Up until then, I had been a milk makin' machine so maybe I ate something or didn't… Read More »

Introducing… Jaxon Marley

November 10, 2012 in Kids, Pregnancy & Baby - 20 Comments
Jaxon Marley November 8th 2012 / 7lbs 6oz. 20 ¾ in He arrived exactly two weeks early! Labor and delivery was quick and we were discharged the next day. Of course that all sounds fabulous, but it felt like we were in that hospital FOREVER! More on that later. Here are some Instagrams of our… Read More »


I'm an island girl at heart, unbothered old soul, and minimalist with extra tendencies. At my best, I love what I do... I want to encourage you to do the same, too. Live your best lives amidst trials and triumphs by crafting a life you love and deserve. Happiness is Iriemade❣ Read more...

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