Baby Notes: Weeks 30 & 31 + Honesty

September 25, 2012 in Kids, Pregnancy & Baby - 7 Comments
I have come to the conclusion that I cannot keep up with the regularly scheduled pregnancy photos and updates... personal updates for that matter. Makes me feel bad, but I can't dwell on it. All I can do is keep trying. I will, in a separate post, share photos that I've taken throughout the pregnancy… Read More »

Summer Memories: Surreal Beach

September 7, 2012 in Life & Quirks, NW Indiana - No Comments
July 26, 2012 It had been a straight up annoying week. I had people who I was trying to give my money to giving me the run around, not returning important emails/calls/texts, not listening  at.all. it seemed, and nonchalantly blowing off their mistakes. I had lost all hope for humanity. I was just done. I… Read More »

Baby Notes: 17 Weeks of Awesome

June 15, 2012 in Kids, Pregnancy & Baby - 10 Comments
I think I'm going to post baby updates every two weeks unless something really significant happens. It seems to feel right. I had another visit at the OB office. Doc says I'm doing awesome. I declined the amnio test because I feel if something's gonna happen, it's gonna happen and we can deal with the… Read More »

Baby Notes: Week 15

June 5, 2012 in Kids - 6 Comments
I am in my 15th week and I can't really think of much to update on. I just want enough text to wrap around this photo, so I will just write :-). At this point, I am fresh out of the 1st trimester yuckies and I'm feeling great. I have my next prenatal appointment next… Read More »

Baby Notes: 5 Weeks Pregoccupied

May 27, 2012 in Kids - 13 Comments
Written March 25, 2012 We are diligently planning to surprise the family in mid April. We would like to wait until our first visit with the OB before we shout to the rooftops. I am getting very anxious since I have to hold back pretty much everything going on with me. I am tired ALL… Read More »


I'm an island girl at heart, unbothered old soul, and minimalist with extra tendencies. At my best, I love what I do... I want to encourage you to do the same, too. Live your best lives amidst trials and triumphs by crafting a life you love and deserve. Happiness is Iriemade❣ Read more...

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