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  • The Start Of Something New: A Cutting Garden

    I entered spring unsure if I wanted to manage a garden, but as time went on, my passion for plants wouldn't allow me to miss out on some much-needed plant therapy. This year, I've decided not to grow veggies, but to focus on having a cutting garden of flowers and maybe some herbs. My goal…
  • Nursery Design Trends In 2017

    Nursery decor has come a long way since having Jayden... almost NINE years ago. We're not going to talk about how fast time is flying. Nope. But what we're going to do is indulge in a little design therapy, shall we? So back when we were planning Jayden's nursery, I chose jungle themed decor. It…
    Decor, Pregnancy & Baby
  • Sleep Better. Do Better.

    It's hard to believe that almost four months ago, I gave birth to baby Akilah. In those four months, I can honestly say for sure that I've gotten a good night's rest. I may have pulled a few all-nighters, not due to newborn struggles, she's such a low maintenance baby. But during the late night is…
    Get It, Thrive
  • Sow: Conscious Gift-Giving For Kids Who Have Everything

    It's only human to want more for your child than you had, right? Of course. Thinking about it though, it's kind of overwhelming to realize that my children have already surpassed me in the possessions department. It has given me a sense of comfort and also confusion. The comfort comes from knowing that I have…
  • Holiday At Home: The Console

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AT HOME. All opinions are 100% mine. It's time for the second installment of Holiday At Home, a three-part holiday decorating series with At Home! Today, I want to share how I decorated our console for the season. You may have gotten a few sneak…
    Christmas, Decor, Entertaining, Thanksgiving

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