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  • Sandpaper Shamrock T-Shirt

    Hi! I'm Kathleen, former art teacher turned at-home parent of two young boys and blogger at Katydid and Kid. I'm always in search of creative ways to fill my days, and holidays, like upcoming St. Patrick's Day, are no exception. Today I wanted to share with you a favorite art project of mine that I've…
    Arts & Crafts, Celebrations
  • Lucky Gratitude Pot o’ Gold

    St. Patrick's Day is next week. It's normally a holiday we skip over although I love all things gold and rainbow themed. Walmart challenged me to come up with a craft for St. Patrick's Day and I'm so glad that I did. It was a craft that I had a lot of fun designing (get…
    Arts & Crafts, Best Of, Celebrations, Kids
  • Juicy’s Buzz Cut & A Reflection On Growth

    When Jayden was a baby, he went bald. All that was left were bangs and I stressed out about his lack of hair all.of.the.time. "When is it gonna grow back? My baby is bald. Oh noes." Eventually, it grew back. And it's been cut a few times in-between. Jaxon (aka Juicy) was born with more…
    Natural Hair, Personal
  • Strawberry Easter Bunny Cheesecake

    I enjoy planning and sharing fun crafts and recipes around each holiday, but I've been so busy that I haven't had time to even process the thought of said crafts and recipes. I totally dropped the ball on St. Patty's Day and bought shamrock cookies from the grocery store. Easter is approaching and I managed…
    Celebrations, Food Recipes
  • Water Bottle & Sock Bubble Blower Craft

    Today, I decided to do a spin on a bubble blower craft you've probably seen around. Instead of cutting a portion of a sock and attaching it to the bottom of the water bottle with a large rubber band (which I didn't have), I just used the entire sock and secured it with pipe cleaners,…
    Arts & Crafts, Kids
  • Kid Craft: Mini Wooden Easter Basket Planters

    There's something about Spring that puts me in the mood to craft. I'd like to do more crafts with Jayden, but I am totally against creating things that will eventually end up in the garbage. You know how it is, so many crafts, so little house. So when Walmart asked me to make mini wooden…
    Arts & Crafts, Gardening

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