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Storage Cubes Three Ways

November 12, 2014 in Decor, Fashion - No Comments
I love storage cubes because they are so versatile. You can use them to organize and display a variety of knick knacks, toys... anything. You can style them up or down. The possibilities are endless. Back in August, I partnered up with Sauder and shared how we used their Storage Organizer to organize and display… Read More »

Rekindling Our Love of Dogs

August 19, 2014 in Homemaking, Pets - No Comments
Once upon a time, Greg and I were dog parents. Yes, dog parents. We adopted my mom and aunt's Yorkie Shih Tzu when he became a handful. We took him everywhere and gave him everything. He had his own room and wardrobe... including PJ's, robes, and slippers. His hair was always laid. He even had… Read More »

Setting Up A Colorful Playspace In Any Room

August 8, 2014 in Decor, Kids
Now that we're in our new place, I'm finding new and creative ways to make it ours. At our old place, we organized the toys in a toybox and bookcase, but we are now using the bookcase in our bedroom. I've always wanted to decorate with cubes, so moving into a new place opened up… Read More »

Life in the Backseat

June 25, 2013 in Kids - 2 Comments
When you have kids, you realize pretty quickly how important having spacious backseats are. We are still shopping around for an SUV because our little Ford Taurus is getting cramped. The two car seats take up most of the room. If anyone else has to ride with us, they squeeze in the middle. On the… Read More »

Local Business Spotlight / Valpo Designer Desserts

June 17, 2013 in NW Indiana - 1 Comment
We live in an area where quaint shops and restaurants are bountiful. There are a number of coffee shops, bakeries, and ice cream parlors. They all thrive because they each have their own specialties, but most importantly, they treat their customers like family. On Jayden's 5th birthday, we took him for cupcakes at Designer Desserts. We… Read More »


I'm an island girl at heart, unbothered old soul, and minimalist with extra tendencies. At my best, I love what I do... I want to encourage you to do the same, too. Live your best lives amidst trials and triumphs by crafting a life you love and deserve. Happiness is iriemade❣

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