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Take Good Care of Your Home This Winter

When winter comes around, you do not only have to take better care of yourself and your family so that you do not end up getting sick in the cold; your house also needs some extra TLC at this time too.

If you want to ensure your house remains comfy and cozy this winter, and more importantly, if you want to ensure that you keep it in good condition, there are a few things you should do to take good care of it in the coolest part of the year, including the following:

Keep it warm and well-ventilated

Your home is more likely to suffer from dampness and mold in the cold, wet winter months, so anything you can do to prevent this from happening is very important right now.

The two things that will most help you to keep mold and dampness at bay are good ventilation and a warm temperature. So, whatever you do, ensure you turn the heater on or fire up the, um, fire, for at least a few hours each day. Now is the time to arrange a heating repair if you need to because the cooler your home is, the more likely it is to suffer from dampness which could set off some horrible mold growth.

You should also aim to open the windows for at least an hour a day to let fresh air circulate within, If you really don’t want to do this, then having a decent ventilation system installed is a good alternative.

Cut back trees

If you have a garden that is full of trees and shrubs, then it is important that you cut back any overhanging branches that are very close to your property. Not only will this help you to maintain healthier trees, but it will mean that if it snows heavily or the wind gets wild, those branches will not be likely to hit your home and smash your windows or break and deposit a whole lot of snow onto your roof causing untold damage. A timely trimming will keep your family and your home safe.

Insulate your pipes

If you live in a part of the country that gets very cold in the winter months, then taking good care of your home’s pipework, especially those pipes that are located outside of the building, is really important.

Insulating your pipes will mean that, should it get freezing outside, they are much less likely to freeze over. This is important because frozen pipes will burst, and not only does this mean you will need to pay a plumber to repair them, but it could also cause your home to flood, which can cause damage to your fixtures and fittings and let dampness and mold grow freely. This is the last thing you need to happen, so go to the DIY store and buy some pipe insulation asap.

Step up your cleaning regime

Most of us think that cleaning more often is something we do in the spring, but actually, if you want to take good care of your home in winter, then cleaning it more often is usually a good idea.

Why? Because when it gets colder, dampness and mold, as we have discussed, are more likely to rear their heads, and things like dust mites love cooler temperatures too. Heating your home properly will do a lot to avoid these issues, but so will regularly cleaning your floors, carpets, windows, kitchens, and showers. The more you keep on top of things, the less chance there is for your home to get into really bad shape.

Get rid of condensation

When you are cleaning, you should make sure that you use a squeegee, or even better, a window vacuum cleaner, to get rid of any condensation that has built up on windows and even in the shower. If you do not deal with condensation pretty much as soon as it develops, then it will make your home damp, and mold, again, will be more likely to take root in your property.

Get rid of clutter

If you have a lot of clutter in your home, then it could interfere with your property’s ventilation, which we have established is a really bad thing, particularly in winter. The more stuff you have, the more likely you are to develop condensation because air will not be able to flow as freely and effectively throughout the property. So, if you aren’t exactly a minimalist, now might be the perfect time to channel your inner Marie Kondo.

Patch up the roof

If your roof is not exactly in the best shape, then taking the time to patch up any holes or replace any broken tiles is so important when winter comes along because adverse weather conditions like snow and rain could cause it to collapse or leak, and that would not only ruin your roof, but have dire consequences for the rest of your home too.

Seal windows and doors

If the caulking or weatherstripping around your windows and doors has seen better days, then one important thing to do this winter is to patch them up and make sure they form a tight seal once again, fail to do so and your windows will let in cold air and moisture from outdoors, which will make you and your family cold, and put your house a t risk of dampness too.

Install an alarm system

Winter is dark and dreary, which means that many would-be thieves and burglars often think of it as a good time to target homes, especially because it is also the holidays and many homes will be packed with goods ripe for stealing. Protect your home by installing a security system – they can be pretty cheap these days – and you will be better able to deter thieves, and you will get more peace of mind into the bargain too.

Your home is your biggest asset and your family’s most important place, so be sure to take extra good care of it this winter!

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