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Taking Care Of You: Self-Care Tips To Implement

It is very easy to let your self-care slide. The more life we have, the less time we sometimes have to take care of us. Self-care isn’t just about a hot bath and some argan oil in your hair either.

It is about taking care of your heart and soul every day.

It is essential that before you start, you think about what it is that you really need. And, how can you make it happen?

Head Outside

Something that is very life-affirming and can jump-start your journey into reducing stress, healing, lowering your blood pressure and mindfulness – is simply heading outside. You can go for a slow stroll through the woods or really go for a long cycle or a hike.

Being surrounded by trees, green, trickling streams, the smell of mud and leaves is very powerful. Many of us work in offices with a lack of natural light, and it has an impact on our mental health.

Music & Reading

Listening to your favourite music and singing along can do wonders for your mood. It can allow you to bounce around the kitchen, shaking off the cobwebs. Or, you can cry your heart out, and let those emotions flow too.

Ditch the phone scrolling in favour of leafing through some pages. You can choose some escapism, learning books or even books to help you carry on your self-care journey.

Don’t Underestimate Sleep & Relaxation

Millions of people report how they cannot function on less than X amount of sleep. However, studies suggest that we can operate on 4 hours a day for a few days before it becomes an issue.

The less rested you are, the more of an impact you will feel both physically and emotionally. It is important to recognize that you can use periods of rest to recharge too. Although sleep is much better!

If you have trouble sleeping, then it might be time to start a bedtime routine. Opt for warm herbal teas, or milky drinks before you head to your bedroom. Limit the time you spend scrolling on your phone, the blue light will encourage you to stay awake longer.

Try reading once you get into bed, use the time to wind down.

Another option is, use something like the Calm app, and listen to sleep stories, or meditate when you get into bed.

Photo by Miti on Unsplash

Beauty & Skincare

Hot bath, hair mask, face mask. It might be pampering that you want and need. Removing dry skin on your feet, clipping your nails, and using hand cream.

Putting your hair back to the colour it was before you dyed it, googling breast implant removal costs, and packing away your overused lip colour.

With the media continually throwing opinions about what beauty is at us, it can be challenging to find our own balance. Think about what makes you feel good. If it’s adding gold eyeliner on a Wednesday morning, then do it. If it is merely trimming your split ends and adjusting your bra then do it.

Eat Well

It isn’t surprising to hear the impact that the wrong food can have on your body. Over time becoming deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Energy levels will plummet, and your skin will show it.

While you shouldn’t feel guilt around the food that you choose, putting more fruits and vegetables in your diet will only do good things for you.

Preventing short term memory loss, preventing some deficits in vintal vitamins and minerals, and keeping your energy topped up can all be aided with better food choices.

Taking the time to cook a nice meal for yourself is something not many people do. Rushing to make meals for all of the family, eating quickly and moving on to the next thing on your agenda. Find something you have always wanted to try and learn to cook it, take your time, make space in your life to do it.

And remember to hydrate.

Say No

Many people and more so women have a tendency to always say ‘yes’. Yes to picking up your friend’s little ones from school, yes to extra work, yes to shorter deadlines. And, saying yes happens more frequently when it comes to family too.

This can lead to total overload, emotionally, mentally and physically. Learning to say no is something you can do over time, and you need to know that saying no doesn’t make you a bad person.

Once you have nailed saying to no to things that simply don’t work for you, you will feel more empowered in your decisions.

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