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Hostess Gift / ChalkBoard Cutting Board & Spoons


I’ve hosted two Thanksgiving dinners and the thought of doing it again makes me want to wall slide. That said, I won’t be hosting, but I will be cooking a small feast for our little family. After watching my mom host Thanksgiving dinner year after year, I now know firsthand how much work goes in to preparing a meal for guests. No matter how much a hostess may love cooking and entertaining, slaving over a hot stove for several hours is hard work. Guests who offer to bring a dish help make things a little easier. Bringing over a surprise hostess gift shows a small token of appreciation.

Hostess gifts are sort of new to me and I am in love with the idea. They don’t have to be expensive. The gift I just put together cost me $9 excluding the supplies that I already had on hand. I simply painted a cutting board and spoons with chalkboard paint and accented with a silver paint for an elegant look. I threw in a jar of bath salts for a soothing post-holiday soak. Let me show you how I jazzed up an otherwise boring bamboo board and utensil set ;-).


Bamboo cutting board
Bamboo spoons
Painter’s tape
ChalkBoard paint
Silver acrylic paint
All of these items can be found at Walmart.



Sand board and utensils (in areas paint will be applied) to help the paint adhere. I learned the hard way. Create desired design using painter’s tape. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint and let dry for about 30 minutes. Apply a second coat. Let dry for an two hours. For the accents, apply painter’s in desired areas. Apply one coat of silver paint. Apply a second coat after 30 minutes. Let dry for 30 minutes and carefully remove painter’s tape from all items. Let everything set for 24 hours before writing on them.


For more chalkboard inspiration, follow my growing Chalkboard Everything board on Pinterest!


As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Wednesday 27th of November 2013

Another fun project! I was thinking of making some wood burned utensils and cutting board. I always appreciate more utensils, especially wooden ones.


Friday 29th of November 2013

Of all utensils, I default to wood. I love them so much!


Friday 22nd of November 2013

That's awesome! I would totally use that cutting board as a cheese board, but I love cheese so I'm really not picky about what I serve it on.


Sunday 24th of November 2013

Cheese is pretty awesome and rarely makes it on to any serving dish in our home, lol.

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