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That Cozy Morning Feeling On A Cool Fall Morning

Ready or not, the chilly fall mornings are coming. Granted, we still have a few weeks of warm weather. But some of us are already preparing for fall. Trendy outfits in a variety of patterns and block colors? Check. The best tips to order a low-calorie pumpkin spice latte at your local coffee shop? Check. Ideas for exciting Halloween outfits? Check. 

Most of us are ready to welcome the red leaves and the rainy clouds. However, we find it hard to transition from the bright and warm summer mornings to the grey and cool fall mornings. The transition period can be so tricky to maneuver that it’s often the period when your immune system is the most vulnerable. So how do we fight off the cool fall morning? 

Simple accessories when it’s too warm for coat

Early fall is the worst time of the year for choosing your outfit. It’s chilly in the morning, so you opt for a cardigan or a thick jumper, which you will regret in the afternoon. The key to balance your outfit for the changing weather is to invest in warm accessories that are easy to pack in your bag. From cozy kids toques to an elegant silk scarf, these can keep your family warm. But as soon as the temperature rises, you can take them off and fold them away in your bag. Because, ultimately, nobody wants to spend an entire afternoon sweating inside a thick jumper! 

A hot cup of joe

Are you a smoothie or an acai bowl kind of person? Consuming something cold elevates your body temperature because the body needs to work harder to compensate for the temperature difference. That’s why a chilled drink will not cool you down for long in summer. However, a cool breakfast in the fall can increase the perception of cold. Your mind seeks the comfort of a warm cup of coffee. Therefore, your smoothie glass can send chills down your spine. Fall is the perfect time to spice up your hot drink station in the kitchen. Coffee is the preferred morning brew, but you’d experience the same mental joy when drinking a cup of hot tea or spiced chocolate. 

Learn to wake up feeling positive

Summer solstice is on June 21st. Between the summer and winter solstices, the sunrise and sunset times change. By the time it’s fall, days already feel significantly darker. You might even head to work before sunrise if you have an early start and come back in the dark. As our exposure to direct sunlight decreases, it can generate a seasonal affective disorder. SAD syndrome is a mild form of depression, making you feel blue and increasing your perception of cold. Vitamin D can help keep SAD at bay. But you can also start your day with a light therapy alarm clock, which helps make your morning a little brighter. In essence, the clock wakes you up by mimicking natural sunlight. The process targets your circadian cycle, helping you feel awake, refreshed, and positive in the morning. Pop your favorite song on, and you’re ready to tackle what the day brings. 

Brrr, no more chilly fall mornings! Keeping up with the temperature is a tough task, as your body is constantly working against you. So, by choosing smart removable accessories and creating a positive morning routine, you can stay warm and cozy on an early September or October morning. 


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