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The 7 Most Popular Items of Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Once an exclusive tradition in the United States, it has now become a global phenomenon. $58 billion was spent on Black Friday across the world in 2020, while major retailers like Amazon and Walmart have turned this annual holiday into a celebration that extends beyond a single day. 

As shoppers and sellers recover from the recent Black Friday madness, and with the figures still needing to be tabulated for 2021, this article will take a step back to analyze last year’s event. Using Google search figures compiled by Betway, here were the seven most popular items of Black Friday 2020.

7. Apple AirPods Pro

With 498,040 searches, Apple fans were hoping to avoid paying a premium to upgrade their headphones. With AirPods being recognized as the most popular wireless earbuds on the planet, it’s no surprise people were on the hunt for the Pro edition and the additional features included. 

6. Dyson Hoover

Black Friday isn’t just about finding bargains to put under the Christmas tree. People also use this shopping holiday for reduced prices on household appliances. This is evidenced by Dyson being sixth on this list for their hoover range, racking up an impressive 767,090 searches overall in the lead up to Black Friday. 

5. Pandora bracelet 

Jewelry is always a hot ticket item during the holiday season. With the prevalence of Pandora and the popularity of their affordable creations, it’s understandable why this brand cracked the top five in Black Friday search results. Inquiries on Google for Pandora bracelets were made 779,090 times. 

4. Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch range has been a huge commercial success, a combination of technology and fashion accessory. As people ditch their traditional wristwear for the benefits gained from smart watches, the Apple Watch generated 1.08 million searches in the build-up to Black Friday. 

3. Apple AirPods

The third Apple product on this list was third overall in popularity. As discussions across the internet highlighted the possibility of Apple AirPods’ being on sale during Black Friday, this had consumers scouring for retailers selling these headphones at a reduced price. The result: 1.32 million searches on Google alone. With the third edition of AirPods launching last October, it means they are likely to feature high again in the 2021 Black Friday search results. 

2. PS4 console

Even though the PS5 had just hit store shelves, consumers knew they wouldn’t find any reductions on Sony’s latest console entry. However, they did know that this release would lead to a price drop on last generation’s PS4. This resulted in it being the second most popular Black Friday item for 2020, producing 1.35 million searches. 

1. Nintendo Switch

The runaway leader for Black Friday 2020 was the Nintendo Switch. The console received a massive 2.98m searches overall, ensuring it was clearly the most popular product during Black Friday. The signs suggest it could also be competing for the top spot again in 2021.

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