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The Awkward Moments Of Being A Dog Owner

Being a dog owner isn’t always sunshine and roses. Sometimes it can be messy, like when your dog has accidentally toileted all over themselves, and sometimes it can be difficult, as everyone who’s had to train a puppy before well knows! 

But did you know owning a dog can just be a bit awkward too? They’re not doing anything wrong, but their behavior or needs in those moments can be a little frustrating to deal with. That’s why even happy and well trained dogs can be the source of awkward situations. But the better prepared you are, the less awkward these situations will be. 

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

When They Misbehave Around Guests

If a guest comes around and your dog is excited to see them, the resulting behavior can make everyone feel a little awkward. Some dogs pee in excitement, while some may try to ‘hump’ the guest’s leg, or even try to climb on top of them to get as many pets as possible. 

Things like these can make you feel like a bad owner. However, you and your pooch may not be the only ones in the wrong here! If the guest is equally as happy to see the dog, they could be encouraging these responses. As such, ask them to ignore the dog’s presence until they calm down or stop exhibiting the awkward behavior, and then allow them to interact. 

When They Go into Heat

Dogs in heat can act in ways that make you uncomfortable. For example, a female dog going through one of her yearly heat cycles may lift her leg or move her tail if you pet her. She’s also likely to drip blood across the floor in the early days of the heat, and you may have to clean up multiple spots all over the house. 

However, heats are usually over in a matter of days. During that time, keep your female dog indoors and away from male dogs to limit the heat-related behaviors you have to deal with. It’s a little more work, and she may need a few more cuddles from you, but the awkwardness of the situation won’t last for long. 

When They Eat Things They Shouldn’t

Dogs eat things off the floor all the time. This isn’t surprising, as this is where their toys, treats, and food are given to them. For some dogs, that means the floor is one big banquet table! 

This behavior becomes embarrassing if they eat things they shouldn’t, such as your shoes, dropped pens and pencils, grass shoots and stones, and even your underwear, which you then may have to explain to a vet. 

If you see your dog eating something they shouldn’t, reacting fast is a good idea, but try to stay quiet so your dog doesn’t see it as a good way to get your attention. 

If you’ve just brought a new puppy home, get ready for embarrassing situations, pratfalls, and times when you’re not quite sure what to do!

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