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The Benefits of Having A Natural Birth

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The idea of natural birth is, at the very least, a painful thought. There’s a reason 61% of women opt for an epidural during the first stages of labor. 30% also prefer a cesarean, so a natural birth isn’t common practice these days. And, it’s easy to see why when these methods keep the body intact and relieve the pressure.

But, women shouldn’t be afraid of going au naturel as it has lots of benefits. Sure, it may hurt and you wish you had the drugs, yet, in the end, it will be worth it. Here are the reasons why.

Baby Benefits

You may think there aren’t any benefits for the baby, but the reality is very different. Studies show vaginal babies have more diversified microbiomes and fewer allergies. Plus, their chances of obesity, asthma, and diabetes in childhood and later life aren’t as high. This is because they get protective bacteria from the birth canal which helps to build their immune system. Also, the pushing helps to get rid of the amniotic fluid from the lungs, which reduces the chances of asthma. As a result, naturally born babies are healthier than their C-section cousins. Don’t forget about the epidural going into their bloodstream too.

Health Risks

Although labor is a natural process, it doesn’t mean it goes smoothly one-hundred percent of the time. Experts are on hand to help, yet even they make mistakes. If this happens to your child, they may suffer from defects as a result of birthing complications. Gray and White Law, birth injury attorneys, believe the risks are greater when a C-section is involved. Either delaying or being too aggressive with the forceps can damage the soft tissue which is still forming. Taking the organic route tends to eliminate these issues as evolution has perfected the process over the years.

Numbers 2, 3 & 4

Okay, you may not three or four kids, but the chances are you’ll want one more. Every child needs a little brother or sister to help them understand how to share and play. As any mother will attest, giving birth the second time is much easier than the first. Not to be crude, but it’s because your first child has already broken the seal and created a path. The body, remembering this, doesn’t have to go through the trauma as much, and neither do you. A C-section will mean child number two will feel like the first time.


Moms need to bond with their child as soon as they come out of the womb. A natural birth makes the connection stronger as it encourages the body to jump into action. Straight away, you’ll begin to produce milk and be able to breastfeed. Pregnancy, in general, will get the ball rolling, yet a natural birth will make you think about doing other things naturally too. And, there’s no better way to bond than to feed your son or daughter from your breast.

There will always be a connection, but a natural birth should lead to a stronger one.

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