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The Benefits of Pilates in Pregnancy

According to a study by the American College of Obstetricians, performing exercise while pregnant leads to numerous benefits including healthy weight gain and a decrease in back pain.  Exercise has also been proven to lower the risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and having a cesarean section.  And, as long as you get the go-ahead from your doctor beforehand, Pilates is one of the best exercises you can do.  Here we take a look at some of the main benefits of introducing Pilates to your exercise regime when pregnant.

1. Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor

Many women experience a weakened pelvic floor during pregnancy due to a combination of hormonal changes and the weight of the baby pressing down on the bladder.  Pilates can help to strengthen the muscles that sit around the bowel and bladder, helping to minimize the impact of a weakened pelvic floor both during and after pregnancy.  Many women find postnatal Pilates in Bristol to be just as useful as antenatal Pilates classes.

2. Helps to Maintain a Healthy Weight

It’s completely normal to gain weight during pregnancy.  However, if you put on more than the recommended weight, this could put you at risk of gestational diabetes.  Many experts believe that completing regular, gentle forms of exercise like Pilates classes in Bristol can help to lower this risk by ensuring a healthy weight gain.

3. Reduces Back Pain

Back pain is common in pregnancy, especially once you reach the third trimester.  However, there are things you can do to reduce this.  Pilates can help you to strengthen your lower abdominal muscles, thus reducing your chances of developing back pain.  Pilates classes can also help to improve your posture, which can become harder to maintain as your baby grows, thus further reducing your chances of pain.  You can learn more about private Pilates in Bristol sessions and how they could help you with back pain by clicking the link.

4. Helps You Relax

Pregnancy can be an anxious time for many women, and some feel like there is just no time in their busy schedules to relax.  Pilates classes can give you the opportunity to switch off from the stresses of daily life and slow your mind down while reflecting on the changes going on in your body.  You can even find classes specifically for pregnant women which can help you to meet and socialize with others that are going through similar to you.

5. Speed Up Your Recovery After Birth

Finally, performing any kind of exercise has been proven to speed up recovery after birth.  Pilates is no different.  During Pilates classes, you will be working on building stomach, gluteal, abdominal, and leg muscles, all of which will come in useful after birth. Your body will feel strengthened and energized, you’ll suffer less from a poor pelvic floor, and you’ll feel confident and feel good about yourself.

Many women who take up Pilates in pregnancy continue with it after giving birth due to its benefits. It’s not hard to see why.

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