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The Best Hair Care Tips For Men

When it comes to styling your outfit for the day, your hair is going to play a huge role in bringing your ensemble together. If you want to look your best, then you are going to have to put in a little bit of effort. Healthy looking hair doesn’t just come from the way you style it, but the way you care for it. 

Everyone is different, so what your hair needs will be different to someone else. This is why it can be important to learn the best hair care steps for men, so you can adapt your grooming regime to suit your needs. Your needs will also change depending on where you plan on going, and what the current trends are. 

A good hairstyle isn’t just about the way you wear it on the day. While this is a huge part of it, you will also need to take a few steps back and make sure you are taking care of your hair in the correct way, and your well-being. Your body is sensitive, so if you are neglecting self-care in your daily routine, then you may experience more problems than you want, for example, a dry scalp or hair, hair loss, or hair thinning. Many of these problems occur due to the wrong products, as well as lack of nutrition. Things like not getting enough healthy fats or protein can be detrimental to your health, and your hair. 

Your grooming regime doesn’t have to be complicated. Just by using the right products and following care tips, you can look your best every day. If you’re new to hair care, here are some of the top hair care tips for men to help you get started. 

Use the right products 

It is easy when shopping to pick up the cheapest, or most aesthetically pleasing hair care products from the shelves, especially when there is an overwhelming number of products to choose from. While this may shave off a few dollars from your bill, it will not be doing any good for your hair. 

Unfortunately, many of the cheap supermarket brands are filled with toxic chemicals that are bad for your hair and strip away all the natural oils. You may not notice any problems with your hair now, but over time, it will damage your hair. 

Instead, you should use high-quality, professional hair-washing products. These are filled with ingredients that will hydrate, clean and repair your hair. Although these are a little bit more expensive, they will save you money on repairing your hair at a later date, and they last much longer as you only need a small bit of the product each time. When you next get a haircut, speak to your hairstylist for more information. 

Haircare also extends to your beard. Beards are extremely trendy right now, and also require a level of care and styling if you want to look good, and grow a healthy (and cool) beard. There are a plethora of beard care products on the market that can help it stay strong and healthy, such as Baxter

Eat a balanced diet 

Your diet is not something you should only consider when it comes to losing or gaining weight. Your diet impacts your entire life and body, including your mood, energy levels, and the quality of your hair. A good diet will help your hair stay strong, reduce damage and breakage, and ensure it stays full and shiny. Your diet should also include a range of essential fatty acids, which work wonders for the health of your hair (as well as your skin and nails). You can find essential fatty acids in foods such as:






Canola oil 

Chia seeds

Soy beans 




You should strive to include these foods in your diet regularly. You should also include high protein foods to promote strong and healthy hair, such as eggs, spinach, chicken and peanuts.  

Reduce stress 

Stress can play a huge role in the health of your hair. If you are constantly stressed, then you may find that your hair is weaker, and falls out often. This is because your body changes on a physiological level when you are stressed which can change the chemicals that are pushed around your body, and impact hormone production. This then leads to hair follicles being triggered into a rest phase, which means they stop producing new hair strands. Stress can also lead to changes in the texture of your hair. 

You should try to manage your stress daily, by reducing stressful situations, identifying your triggers, and finding coping mechanisms that work best for you. 

There are many things within your control if you want good hair. If you want to look good and take better care of your hair, then you should start by using high-quality products, eating a balanced diet, and reducing your stress.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw

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