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The Birth Announcement Etiquette Guide

Photo by Daisy Laparra from Pexels

As the delivery date for your new bundle of joy draws nearer, your friends and family are likely to share in the same joy and excitement — and will be eagerly anticipating you to announce the name, birth date, and sex of your child. Announcing the birth isn’t always straightforward, and you only get one opportunity to get it right. Who do you tell, and what information do you include?

Before you have your baby, take the time to plan how you will share the news. To get you started, check out the following guide containing everything you need to know about birth announcement etiquette:

Notifying Friends and Family

When your baby is born, the father or grandparents will usually call your immediate family to let them know the good news. Once everyone on your priority list has been phoned, a brief text can be sent to other friends on your list. It’s good etiquette to wait before sharing the news on social media, as this can be upsetting to loved ones who haven’t been contacted personally.

Once the initial phone communications have been made, consider sending a birth announcement card in the mail. These announcements should feature a photo of your new baby, as well as a brief introduction.

The Important Details

The purpose of a birth announcement is to introduce your new baby. You should include the names of both parents, as well as the baby’s first and middle name, birth date, weight, and length.

If you have chosen a unisex name, such as Charlie, Elliott, or Quinn, you may also like to include the child’s gender. Some parents choose to add the names of siblings or grandparents and the location of the birth.

Design Choices

Your printed birth announcements will be a cherished keepsake, and when you shop with Minted, you won’t be disappointed.

The first step is to take a photograph of your new baby, as this will be the feature of the announcement. The photo might include the parents or other siblings, and the orientation can be either landscape or portrait.

There are countless designs to choose from, and the one you choose will most certainly depend on your unique taste. If you used a theme for your baby shower or nursery décor, you may like to incorporate this into your birth announcement. For example, you could opt for animals, starry nights, or a floral theme.

The Timeline

It’s a good idea to plan any photography prior to the birth of your baby. The first few weeks can be exhausting for new parents, and when you’re organized, the process will be easier to undertake. Newborn photographers are often flexible to accommodate unpredictable birthdates. 

Send your birth announcements as soon as possible, noting the recommended timeframe is between two and eight weeks.

The Wrap Up

Before you give birth, start planning how you will announce the news of your loved one. Write a list of people who need to be notified first, and decide whether you want a newborn photographer.

A printed birth announcement is a sentimental way to share your baby’s details with family and friends. Of course, there is a range of designs from which to choose, and your child’s photo will be the feature.

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