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The Common Types of Personal Injury Cases: Explained

It’s a sad fact of life that everyone will experience medical issues at some stage during their lives. It could be no one’s fault, such as a hereditary genetic condition. Alternatively, another person was the cause, such as an incompetent doctor or drunken driver. When people experience a nasty injury, they’ll be keen to find ways to recover as quickly as possible

If another party was responsible for what has happened, it may be possible to pursue financial compensation. Many people use specialist lawyers to help them submit a legal claim and to prove negligence. If you’re wanting to know more about the most common types of personal injury cases, this article will fill you in on some key examples.

Vehicle Accidents

They are scenarios that occur as the result of an issue or crash between two cars, trucks, trains, boats or motorbikes. In most cases you will need to show how another vehicle caused your injuries by being negligent in some way such as:

  • – speeding through a red light 
  • – changing lanes without using their turn signal 
  • – making a sudden stop in the middle of an intersection 
  • – following too closely. 

In-vehicle accident cases, you would normally file your claim against the other driver’s insurance company and not with your own insurer. Some incidents don’t involve other drivers. They may occur as a result of negligent road design or maintenance issues.

The metro area population in Louiseville, USA as at 2021 is 1,098,000. An internet search will discover car accident attorneys in Louisville, KY who can provide free case evaluations and discuss the implications of serious car wrecks. You can also read about their legal teams, view their accreditations and affiliations, and read the latest legal and firm news. 

Work-Related Injuries 

They are often the hardest to prove. Office employees often work in high-risk environments for long hours which can lead to health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic back pain. 

Construction workers often use heavy machinery outdoors which can lead to injuries from electric shocks or being hit by a vehicle. They may also work long hours in extreme heat or cold. A construction worker who works high above ground might fall off the scaffolding. This could occur if he doesn’t have proper safety equipment installed, and it could result in a debilitating injury such as paralysis below the waistline.

Workers’ compensation is a unique type of benefit that covers employees when they get injured on the job, regardless who was at fault. All you need to do is show there was an incident while you were working that led to your injury. 

Slips And Falls

Slips and falls can occur either in a public place or at work. When they happen on private property, you generally have to prove that the owner failed to upkeep his/her premises. 

If it happens at work, you must demonstrate that the employer did not take adequate precautions for safety purposes. It may be that cables were left across office floors rather than being safely kept at the edges. Alternatively, a staircase was slippery or damaged. 

Medical Malpractice

There are many cases in which healthcare professionals made mistakes, resulting in someone’s injury or death. This can be due to a number of reasons including:

  • Human error (incompetent, distracted, unqualified, unconfident, exhausted)
  • Poor or late diagnosis (e.g.failure to recognize symptoms – sometimes before it’s too late)
  • Delayed treatment (e.g.medication or operations)
  • A communication breakdown (e.g. language barriers, misunderstandings)
  • Faulty equipment (including poor installation, maintenance and repairs)
  • Medication issues (either the wrong prescription or an incorrect dosage given)
  • Poor hygiene (not washing hands, contaminated equipment and rooms)

There are other examples where medical professionals perform surgery on the wrong body part, rush operations or leave things inside the patient’s body when they’ve finished. 

Dog Bites

Dog attacks have been on the rise over the years, especially in urban areas where there are more dog owners and pets being walked off their leashes. It is important to know your state’s dog bite laws as they vary widely by location. In most states dog bite cases fall under the “one-bite rule.” This means that if a dog has never bitten anyone before, its owner is not automatically liable for the injuries caused. 

In some cases, however, dog owners have been found negligent (e.g. by not supervising their pet or by owning an illegal breed). In others, it may be that the dog’s owner is unknown. Dog bites can vary from being relatively minor scrapes and scratches all the way up to serious maulings resulting in amputations, disfigurement or even death (e.g. attacks by feral dogs). 

Defective Products

If a product is inherently dangerous or unreasonably hazardous for its intended use, the manufacturer could be held responsible should someone be injured by it. If you were hurt because of a design or part fault in your lawnmower or other equipment, this could qualify as an injury case involving defective products. 

Other examples include defective drugs, medical devices or safety equipment. Some car accidents are caused by faulty brakes, airbags or tires.  

Wrongful Death

If a person is killed because of the criminal conduct or negligence of another, it may be considered wrongful death. Some examples include car collisions, drunk driving accidents (DUI), and medical malpractice cases. 

Wrongful death claims can be brought against either an individual who caused the injury or the owner of the estate (as previously discussed). It can be possible for someone else besides family members to bring legal action on behalf of victims. This could include lawsuits filed by business partners where their colleague dies due to negligent acts committed (during work hours at a work location).

Two other examples you could research are criminal assault, and slander and defamation. With the help of an attorney who specializes in the area relevant to you, you may be able to gain justice and receive financial compensation. Whilst nothing will be able to turn the clock back, you will be able to resume your life in the best way possible. 


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