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The Day You Pooped On Mommy At Walmart

Dear Boogie,

I want to share with you something that you may not remember, because you were only a month old.

It was on the day of Monday May 26th 2008, Memorial Day. Daddy and I had just finished up our grocery shopping at Walmart and were checking out while chatting with the cashier about baby stuff. I held you close in a Snugli carrier. As the cashier finished scanning our groceries, I felt a vibration much like my cellphone rip from the Snugli. At the same time your legs extended from their usual curled position. I looked down at you confused because I had left my cellphone at home. Before I knew it, my right foot was drenched in seedy, mustardy glop. You had pooped on me! You blew that diaper to bits, right there in the Walmart checkout line. Being the loving mother that I am, all I could do was laugh out loud, and so did the cashier. She offered us some paper towels and called cleanup to mop up your poo. Daddy thought he was off scott free since he had actually been wearing you earlier. I had decided to wear you as the basket had gotten too heavy for me to push. That’s alright because you got him good this morning (May 28th 2008) as he was changing your diaper. You launched your Grey Poupon combo right at Daddy’s tummy. Bwahaha!



Wednesday 15th of April 2009

I have raised four kids and ran a daycare for 18 years and I couldn't imagine how hilarious that must have been! LOL! I'm still laughing! Daddy "thought" he was getting away LOL.

Good job! .... he's so adorable


Thursday 26th of February 2009

You people are either liars or insane. Yeah, I'd love to be covered in baby shi* too. What fun... what fun! Jeesh. Childfree = look into it.


Monday 2nd of June 2008

Funny....Too funny! Thats the most memorable but funny time for the parents and we love reminiscing those memories and laughed !



Sunday 1st of June 2008

I'm still laughing about this. :)


Saturday 31st of May 2008

Too funny.....been there and had that happen to me MANY times.

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