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The Latest Jewelry Revolutionizing The Accessory Game

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

When it comes to choosing whether you want to go timeless or trendy, then your jewelry is always going to play a large role in that choice. These accessories can transform just about any outfit, and your choice of which to use is going to play a big role.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the biggest jewelry trends that are rocking the scene at the moment, what kind of feel they can lend to your look, and how you can use them to develop your personal style. These are going to include a few body jewelry ideas for those who like to use their whole body as a canvas, too.

Layering those necklaces

Necklaces have always been a good statement piece. However, what if you have a lot to say? One trend on the rise lately has been using layered necklaces. Usually, this works with a simpler base chain or something bead necklaces, and then more with a pendant-style are layered over the top of it, with contrasting thicknesses and textures. Keeping it to a theme, such as using the same metal can allow you to find playful ways to experiment with different sizes and shapes, and they can help to heighten the impact of even the most basic outfits.

The ears have it

Jewelry for the ears is by no means a brand new thing. However, if you love a bit of a punk or rock aesthetic or you want to cut a very distinct figure indeed, then plugs and tunnels for your ears can help you really shape your look for them. There’s a wide selection of silicone plugs to help you customize your choice a lot but, primarily these revolve around stretching the ear. It’s not a look for everyone, but it can definitely add a rather unique aspect to your personal sense of style.

Glitz it up with lab diamonds

The big (not-so-secret) secret about lab diamonds is that they have been around and in circulation for years now. However, as they’re becoming cheaper, a lot of the more “established” jewelers of the world are trying to inflate the hype around natural diamonds to draw people away from what they will call “artificial diamonds.” However, the truth is that lab diamonds aren’t just more affordable, they are often just as shiny and as bright and high-quality as the natural types. A lot of people are turning more and more to these “false” diamonds and totally ignoring the attempts to dissuade them.

Stacking the bling

We’re getting back to the ears, but this time it’s not so much about modifying the ears but about making sure that they’re very much on the decorated. If you want to get a little more extravagant and colorful, but you don’t want to go quite as far as earplugs, then ear stacks might be the option for you. This involves adding further studs to already pierced holes, allowing you to have a look that utilizes both studs and hoop earrings, for instance. If you’re the kind of person that loves a lot of bling or can’t decide between just one piece of ear jewelry, this could work for you.

Pearls are back

Pearls might sound like one of the most old-fashioned jewelry choices available, but they are back in big style. However, as with lab diamonds, the modern trend tends to buck the old demands for perfect matching sets. Mismatched pearls and even misshapen pearls are becoming a lot more style as people tend to embrace the natural and rough-hewn look they offer. They still look luxurious, but they just tend to feel a little more “genuine” and thus tend to go better with a lot of different looks, as well.

Freedom for piercings

Nose piercings, lip piercings, and ear piercings are all very common. While people are finding plenty of ways to experiment with them to create brand new looks, others are going way off and doing their own thing with dermal piercings. These are effectively a single piercing that is placed anywhere in the skin, be it on the cheekbone, collarbone, or elsewhere. A lot of people are using them to emulate the same kind of effect as a beauty mark but in a much shinier fashion.

Jewelry choices are a massively personal thing, so choosing those that invigorate or excite you is the number one thing. Hopefully, the suggestions above inspire you and encourage you to delve deeper to find those that work best for you.;tid=1;dt=6;

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