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The Most Useful Stroller Accessories That Will Come Out Handy

On the go, parents need their strollers. Not only that strollers have to hold our babies, but groceries, baby bags, and other stuff. Every parent needs to research which model they want to use in the first years of their toddler’s life and find accessories to help them place everything they need on the stroller.

In this article, we’re sharing some of the most helpful and most important stroller accessories that urban parents need. You might also find some innovative ideas on how to upgrade your baby’s stroller to fit your needs and a busy way of life.

Full-Sized Stroller

Before getting any accessories for strollers, you’d probably need to look for a stroller first. There are several types of strollers on the market, and it would be ideal to purchase a stroller that will best match your lifestyle. As evident at, you’ll even find models equipped with extra storage, cup holders, and most of the new ones have a system that allows you to fold them easily. Three-wheel strollers are suitable if you’re looking for stability while maneuvering through crowds like the subway.

Phone Holder  

Navigating your stroller while you’re going through your emails or messages might be complicated without a smartphone holder. Since you can attach it to the stroller’s handlebar, it will rest firmly in front of you.

You might find it useful when going to a new part of town or when you’re going through the big supermarket, and you need to keep up with your shopping list. Even if you like to jog or run with your baby, the phone will always be in front of you.

Stroller Clips       

Stroller clips are a lifesaver for every parent as they’re keeping your diaper bag handy. Since most diaper bags are not designed to fit onto your stroller’s handlebar, these two clips can help you with that. Using high-quality hardware, your bag will always be secured even if you have to run or find yourself in a crowd.

Plus, these handles are very easy to use, and they’re a perfect present for friends that have toddlers and can’t imagine going out of the house without a proper baby bag. 

Bundle Baby Bag

If you like to spend a lot of time outside, especially on the cold winter days, a cozy and warm accessory for your stroller will make your baby warm and comfortable. You can always use a blanket, but unless you know how to wrap it around your toddler, it might come out of the stroller and easily get dirty.

Warm bunting bags can fit any stroller while they’re easy to handle as you can zip your baby up or unzip it in a matter of seconds. With various shapes and sizes, warm bags can be used as both covers or make any stroller more comfortable. Another way to use it outside of the stroller is in the car seat or to take to picnics and have your baby surrounded with something that will make her warm.

Universal Rain Cover

Even if you check the weather beforehand, you’re likely to be caught in the rain. That’s why it’s a great idea to always bring a rain cover and have it in the stroller just in case. You can find a small, medium, or large cover that will protect your baby from the rain, snow, dust in the worst weather conditions.

Some covers come with a small window in the front so that you can take your child out from the stroller. And since all of them have velcro straps for you to tighten them to the stroller, even the wind won’t be able to remove them.

Portable White Noise Machine

Most babies will fall asleep in the stroller immediately. Others might need more time to fall asleep as outside noises will constantly wake them up from their naps. With a portable white noise machine, your baby won’t hear all the noise from the outside world, and it will make it possible for them to fall asleep within minutes. A portable machine will emit soothing white noise that helps the baby to fall asleep calmly.

Accessories Make Your Walks Easier

Baby strollers are often big and bulky, but they can become quite enjoyable when you’re using the right accessories. When you get a stroller with a few additions that we’ve mentioned, your first days with the stroller will be more pleasant than you might imagine.

What’s more, once you make a list of all the accessories you need, try to do some research and make sure you’ll use them daily. And once you have everything ready, it’s to go outside and enjoy yourself with your little one.

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