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The Right Way to Introduce CBD to Your Pets

It is now well-known that the use of CBD has a ton of benefits to human beings. But one question lingers on peoples’ minds: can CBD help pets like dogs? Well, our four-legged friends can also get some benefits from CBD the same way we do. This because pets also have the endocannabinoid systems and can therefore respond to cannabinoids.

The safety of CBD for pets

So, is it safe to administer CBD to pets? Many studies have shown that the chemical is incredibly safe. Human beings of all ages can use it without any negative effects such as addiction or even the risk of overdose. Animals can also use CBD and derive benefits from it.

CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid system in the body after attaching to the cannabinoid receptors. This system regulates all biological functions including feeling pain, sleep, moods, and many others. With all mammals having this system just like humans, it is then given that CBD causes the same effect in animals as it does to humans.

Although many of the studies on CBD involve rats and mice, the impact observed in them is taken to be the same in humans as well household pets like cats and dogs. On case in point is where the initial data from a clinical trial led to the conclusion that CBD can be of great benefit to epileptic dogs by significantly reducing their seizures. From another study, dogs suffering from arthritis were observed to get relief from pain and inflammation after using CBD. There were no negative effects observed among the arthritic dogs that used CBD.

The right CBD for pets

When it comes to administering CBD to pets, only CBD that has no THC should be used. This is because THC is toxic for our four-legged friends. The best CBD to use for pets is the hemp-derived type because it has less than 0.3% THC, so it cannot have any toxic or psychoactive effect on animals. Pure CBD, which is non-intoxicating, is safe for pets. Those who want to get supplies of this CBD need to look at more info on the websites of reliable sellers to see where to buy them or consult their veterinarians.

How to introduce CBD to pets

As you consider CBD for pets, you have three options: CBD oil, CBD topicals, or CBD pet treats. You can place a few drops of the oil under the tongue of your pet and allow a few seconds for the oil to be absorbed. The animal will show some response after 15-20 minutes, although at times it may take longer. You may also add a few drops of this oil to your pet’s food as it may sometimes be hard to place the oil under their tongues.

Another way of introducing CBD to animals is to use treats infused with it. The treats are like ordinary pet biscuits except that each piece contains a fixed quantity of CBD. It is not only easy to administer the compound this way since all is required is to ingest the treat, but it also removes the trouble of measuring the CBD dose. The effect of the drug may take longer to be observed using this method.

CBD topicals are another way to administer the beneficial chemical to pets, and this is especially useful for those struggling with pains whether temporary or chronic. The CBD oil is mixed with a carrier substance and other natural ingredients and is applied to the area with pain.


CBD has benefits for pets the same way it does on humans. However, pets should not be given CBD with THC as it is toxic for them. The animals can have the chemical introduced to them as oil, infused treats, or topicals. It is advisable to seek your vet’s advice before introducing the compound to your pet. You should also buy from reliable vendors to get high quality and uncontaminated products.

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels


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