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The Slippers Every New Mum Needs

Are you expecting? Or perhaps you’re shopping for a loved one who’s preparing to welcome a new arrival very soon? Whatever the case, we can guarantee you’ve probably thought of every gift under the sun for mum and bub besides this one. Whilst not strictly essential, they are strictly comfortable…we’re talking about a pair of gorgeous slippers. Keep reading to find out our favorites in 2022. 

Why gift new mums slippers? 

You might be wondering why we’re talking Slippers when it comes to pregnant women and new mums? The majority of gifts to welcome in little ones will revolve around onesies, cute little beanies, stuffed toys, or the odd breast pump, but very little things for new mums. It’s a time when our leading ladies are actively recovering from a huge life event but often don’t have the time to reset and relax as they get to grips with being responsible for a tiny human and adapting to a new sleep cycle! 

Little feel-good gifts for new mums are not only a great idea but actually an incredibly thoughtful thing to do to help them feel as comfortable as possible in what might be an uncomfortable, tiring time for many. Mums will likely be spending a lot more time at home, and up and out of bed constantly for late-night feeds. Keep their feet warm and luxuriously loved with a cozy, comforting pair of slippers. It’ll be the perfect companion to a new pair of pjs or linen robes!

What to look for in slippers? 

When it comes to buying slippers for new mums, we’re talking comfort meets style here. Not many new mums are going to feel their best in a pair of scruffy moccasins (no matter how comfy they might be!). Keep in mind: 

  • Colour: Choose something that goes with their day-to-day wardrobe for easy indoor-outdoor wear.
  • Style: Consider closed-toed slippers for wintertime new mums and open-toed for the summer season.
  • Comfort: Be sure to choose a quality slipper with some grip to keep your feet comfortable.

5 Best Slippers for Mums in 2022

  1. Black Slippers

Let’s start with a classic – a pair of easy-to-wear little black slippers. No matter their personal taste or wardrobe, you can never go wrong with black. Paired with silk pajamas, or a warm flannel set, or perhaps recovery leggings and a loose t-shirt, these slippers will pull together any outfit, literally! These ones are made from the highest quality velvet and feature a 100% leather sole for all-day support and style. 

  1. Shearling Slippers

Gifting a new mum expecting in the wintertime? Shearling slippers are the way to go. Luxuriously warm, they won’t want to step out of these cloud-like footbeds – and they won’t have to either! These gorgeous slippers can easily be worn indoors and outdoors for all-day-long comfort. Just choose your preferred shade; black or oatmeal; and then your preferred style; open toed or closed.

  1. Blue Slippers

There’s something to be said for a wash of soft powder blue. Blue in fact might be considered a very pertinent color for new mums as it is thought to bring to mind feelings of calmness and serenity, at a time when they might be feeling anything but. Soft but not saccharine, this universally flattering shade is effortlessly versatile. Pair these with denim, linen, or pajamas and wear them to the cafe, new mum class or bedroom for subtle sophistication from morning ‘til night.

  1. Terry towelling slippers

Last but not least, this is one for summer mums! Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean your feet have to go bare. These terry toweling slippers scream summertime and are perfect for flopping around the house or at the pool. All you need to do is choose from their zesty Lemon, Powder Blue, and Peacoat Navy shades. 

Ready to gift your pregnant friends something special, just for them? Remember to celebrate and take care of all the new mums in your life.

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