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The Sun Keeps Rising- Why Seniors Can’t Go A Day Without Without Sun Protection

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Sun protection is something that not everyone thinks they need. However, seniors, in particular, should be using sun protection every single day. In all honesty, everyone should be using sun protection every single day, but a certain focus on sun protection needs put on the elderly. There are many reasons why seniors can’t go a day without sun.

Ever Changing Skin

There is no doubt that as one ages, the skin is also changing. The skin actually gets thinner, the skin ages more quickly, and its defenses are down. The skin of the elderly has trouble healing as fast as it did once before. The skin actually ages in two ways, on the inside, and on the outside. The outside aging happens through exposure of daily living, but can also be worse if proper sun protection isn’t applied. The inside aging happens as the body ages, the skin has a harder time keeping up with its daily job.

Skin Cancer Avoidance

It’s almost a proven fact that most of the time, skin cancer can be avoided. The number one way it’s avoided is by proper sun protection. If a senior even go one day without sun protection, they can be at risk for skin cancer. Avoiding skin cancer is a task that must be done every day. Using proper sunscreen, avoiding direct sun, and even checking your skin are things that need to be done daily.

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Sun Damage is Real

Some seniors have gone their whole lives without actually wearing sunscreen. The damage may be done, but it’s never too late to start protecting your skin against the sun. There are things you can do every day to help prevent skin cancer. There are even different types of procedures that can be done in a doctor’s office to help remove damaged skin.

Time is of the Essence

When it comes to seniors and sunscreen, it’s important to know the time is of the essence. Sun protection is one simple thing a senior can do to make their quality of life even better. No one lives forever, but if sun protection can help a person avoid skin cancer, then it’s important to take the time and use it daily.

Sun protection is important for seniors on a daily basis. Even if seniors use sunscreen, they should also do a thorough body check to make sure no suspicious spots are seen. With proper sunscreen usage and thorough checks, sunscreen can be almost avoidable. If it is detected, proper action can be taken to eliminate it.

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