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The Top 5 Benefits of Private Health Insurance

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Having a publicly funded healthcare system is great, but there are times when you might consider going with private insurance. With Health and Social Care and the National Health Service both providing most healthcare services for free, why would you choose private insurance in Northern Ireland? 

Reduced Waiting Times

The reality is that the healthcare system is under a lot of strain. This strain is mostly attributed to an ageing population with a longer life expectancy and poor funding. Because of this, you might have to wait for a long time before you receive the care you need.

With private health insurance, you can bypass these long wait times so you get treatment and care faster. It is also possible, albeit not in all cases, to request a date for treatment. Additionally, you do not have to worry about operations being postponed as you get a lot more control and say in your treatment plans.

Access to Specialist Treatments and Medications

Some medications and specialist treatments are not available through public healthcare systems. This is either because they are too expensive, or they have not been approved by the relevant bodies. While getting private health insurance does not guarantee access to these provisions, it does help with some treatments not available through public healthcare systems.

You can increase your access to special medications and treatments if you get covered with health insurance. To ensure you end up with a great health insurance plan at a great price, you can use comparison sites to see what the different providers offer.

Access to Private Hospitals and Rooms

Another benefit of private health insurance is that it gives you access to private hospitals and rooms. Private rooms improve patient outcomes by allowing them to get better without intrusion. They also allow patients’ families to visit their loved ones without disturbing or intruding other patients.

Personalized Care

You have probably been to a doctor only to be told to come back if things do not improve. You then have to explain everything all over again to a different doctor during your next visit. This happens because doctors and general practitioners often have hectic schedules which makes it impossible to know all their patients.

The situation is different in private hospitals because their GPs and consultants see fewer patients. This translates to more time spent consulting about and discussing different issues. In addition to helping your doctor remember you on your next visit, these longer consultations often lead to better patient outcomes.

Better Facilities

Private hospitals do not have to worry about funding like public hospitals do. They can invest a lot more into the newest equipment and in creating a better healthcare environment for their patients. To make things better for their patients, it is common to find ensuite bathrooms, air conditioners and other comfort additions in private hospital rooms.

While it may seem unnecessary to get private insurance due to the availability of public healthcare systems, the benefits are often worth it. Without considering the other benefits, better healthcare outcomes are worth the premiums all on their own.;tid=1;dt=6;

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