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Their First Car: 4 Things You Need to Teach Your Teen About Owning a Car

Finally, after months (or years) of driving lessons, your teenager has passed their driving test and got their drivers’ license. They are excited, but you’re worried. There are so many things that can go wrong with them behind the wheel. Are you ready for this? More importantly, are they? 

In the United States, 6.4% of drivers on the road are young drivers between the ages of 16 to 20. Some have been driving for years, while others have just started their driving journey. 

Still, they are about to get their first car, and it’s important. And while we understand that it represents a new stage in their life, they must realize certain things they need to know, and you will need to teach them. Driving isn’t just about having a car and going onto the open road (although that part of it is great). Before you take them car shopping, here are four things you’ll need to teach your teen about owning a car:


Choosing the right car

While a car isn’t for life, it’s for right now; they still need to pick a reliable, safe car. Taking them to a dealership and helping them select a vehicle could be an excellent experience for them. You can show them how to look for quality over substance and teach them that the best car isn’t always a brand new one. Pre-owned is an excellent option. You might get looks because they want a brand new car, but when it comes to insurance, reliability, and cost, finding a pre-owned Honda Civic for Sale over a brand new expensive car is worth the second look. 


Car Safety 

A big worry for most parents is whether or not their children will be safe behind the wheel. It’s completely understandable. According to recent teen driver car accident statistics, around 11% of fatal car accidents involve drivers between the ages of 16-20. So, it is essential that you talk to your teenager about road safety. Topics such as reckless driving, distracted driving, and drunk driving are all talks you should have with them. It is vital they understand that behind the wheel, they need a seat belt, and they need to pay attention to the road, as it could mean the difference between getting to their destination or their life. 



Moving on to insurance, some but not all insurance companies will put a box on your teen’s car to calculate their driving speed. And it is well known that younger drivers have a higher premium. Showing your teen how to look for the best insurance policy and coverage could help them to spot great auto insurance in the future. Explaining what they have to look out for while searching for insurance could ensure that they are wise to the different pitfalls of insurance companies. Also, explaining what insurance does and how it covers any damages should they find themselves in an accident will be great for them to know as well.


Car Maintenance

It’s important as choosing the right car, learning car safety and insurance. Knowing how and when to change the oil for the car, how to change a tire, and keeping track of when to take their vehicle in for its maintenance check. Keeping on top of a car’s overall maintenance is essential information for them to know as it helps their car to last longer and keep them safe while they are out on the road. 


Overall, it’s important to just talk with your teen, so they know how to be safe while on the road. 


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