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These 5 Uses For CBD Balms Will Change The Way Your Exercise

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Most of us dread working out, and maybe that has something to do with fitness being the number one abandoned New Year’s resolution. The shocking part is that most are abandoned by January 31st! What do we not like about working out? Is it finding the motivation, or dealing with the stiffness and soreness afterward? It seems like it takes forever for your body to adjust to working out and actually feel that energized feeling people rave about. Well, a friend told me about using  CBD balm for joint pain, and for the muscle discomfort that we tend to deal with after working out. There are so many ways to be active these days, which is great because some of us don’t respond well to just going to the gym and doing the same thing everyday. We’re going to look at some great ways to be active, but also, how CBD balms are great to use during and after these activities.


Working out doesn’t have to feel like “working out”, especially if you’re dancing. Many people have successfully danced to lose weight, and actually keep the weight off if they are consistent in their routine. You can choose to do some zumba classes, check out some youtube videos, or even find a nice dance club to hit up on the weekends. In just 30 minutes you can burn anywhere from 180-223 calories depending on your weight. If you’ve ever danced it up, you know that you can wake up with jello legs, but this is a great reason to rub in some CBD balm. You can apply some when you get home after dancing and wake up with your muscles feeling refreshed, instead of worn out.


This outdoor activity has gained more attention over the last few years because it’s a great way to get outdoors, get some exercise, and also include the family if you wanted to. Of course, if you choose to include the whole family you need to check the trail out ahead of time and make sure it’s suitable for kids. Hiking is great because it provides a full-body workout all while taking in some great nature views. You can apply CBD balm as a preventative or rub some in post-workout.

Chasing Your Kids Around 

I’m sure those of us who have children recall a time you took them to that new, huge, indoor playground and had to chase them around because it was too big to just let them run free on their own. You spend 2-3 hours hopping over multi-color foam beams, sliding down 10 ft slides, all while trying not to hurt yourself. This can prove to be true at any outdoor park too, especially if you have an only child who insists you play with them at the park. Moms and dads, I’m telling you, CBD balms will change the way your body feels about these outings. It won’t be so traumatic on your body, and you won’t have to look around at all the kids beaming with alarming amounts of energy wondering when yours died out. 

Bike Riding

This is an all-time favorite for most of us. How many of us spent countless hours cruising the neighborhood on our bikes? Pushing the limits, going past that street your mother told you not to pass? Well, bring on the nostalgia! If you don’t have a bike, get one…it’s a great fitness purchase because you can burn anywhere from 450-750 calories per hour. CBD balm is the perfect way to end your bike ride by massaging your upper thighs and calves with some much-needed relief, especially if you just got back into riding.


I’d bet that this is one of the least favorite exercise methods, especially if you haven’t ran in a while. Your legs start to tingle, your chest might tighten a bit, and maybe you feel like you’re going to hit the pavement. If you’re an experienced runner, great, you can start off at your desired pace and still get good use out of a CBD rub down, but if you’re just getting into the swing of things, start slow. You can do this by starting with a nice speed walk pace and run intermittently while alternating between the two. You’re likely to be sore so soak in a nice epsom salt bath and rub some CBD cream in afterwards. 

These are just a few engaging fitness ideas you can participate in and not feel the aches and pains from with CBD balm use, but the list doesn’t start here. Anything that gets your blood pumping and makes you feel good can prove to be an effective workout, especially if you don’t have to worry about stiff, sore muscles!

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