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Things To Consider Before Experimenting With A New Haircut

Photo by Nick Demou from NewHairLine

A makeover is something every woman wants to do once a while. And when you aspire for a completely new look, your hairstyle is the first thing to experiment with. Still, chopping your locks is something you should do with care because it will take time to grow back. A new cut, particularly one that involves a drastic change in length and style, brings a lot of risk. However, you can minimize the risk and chances of things going wrong with some good thinking. Here are a few things that you must absolutely consider before experimenting with a new haircut.

Have good reasons for seeking a change

If you have been wearing your tresses long for years, you must certainly have very good reasons to get a pixie cut. Don’t just do it because it is trending or your favorite celebrity or best friend has got the cut. Something that is in trend today may go out of vogue tomorrow and a style that looks good on a celebrity may not work for you. Avoid making impulsive choices because you will probably have to stay with it for a long time. Think thoroughly and seek advice from an expert before opting for a cut that will change your look dramatically.   

Consider your face shape

When it comes to choosing a haircut for your makeover, consider your face shape and see what would look good. The way you style your hair can highlight certain facial features, while it can downplay others. It is best to look for one that is complementary to your facial shape because you would not want to accentuate an already broad forehead or sharp chin with a wrong cut. Research online or go through some beauty magazines before you opt for a new style. 

Texture is equally important 

The texture of your tresses is a deciding factor when it comes to experimental styles. Certain styles match certain hair types better, so it is best to consider your hair texture before getting a makeover. If it gets hard to figure out the styles that would work with a particular texture, it is best to consult a professional. You can search Google with the term hair salon near me to find expert professional consultation in your area.  Will my curly locks carry a pixie cut well enough? Wouldn’t a one-length cut make my straight hair appear limp? Would my wavy tresses go well with layering? You can definitely find the right answers from an expert.

Don’t forget your lifestyle 

Women often tend to opt for impulsive hair makeovers without considering the fact that certain styles can be pretty high maintenance. They look great as you step out of the salon but you may have to do a lot of hard work to recreate the look yourself after every wash. The salon also provides hairpieces for men who suffer hair loss problem. The last thing you would want to do is struggle with curling iron or straightener, particularly if you are someone who has an active lifestyle. And neither would you want to waste time on managing your locks every morning before leaving for work. 

Try taking one step at a time

Another good piece of advice for women looking for a hair makeover is to try moving one step at a time. For example, you may opt for temporary straightening rather than permanent treatment for your curls. Or get a shoulder-length cut rather than an ultra-short pixie for your long tresses. It is easier to live with a change that is less drastic or not permanent because you can get back to your original style quickly. 

Get it done by a stylist you can trust

Experimentation is cool but there are always chances of things going wrong. The best approach would be to get it done by a stylist you can trust. While they can give you an awesome cut, you can also expect honest professional advice. They can actually save you from making a wrong choice because they have the right skill and experience to understand the ideal cuts and styles for specific hair textures and facial shapes. 

Be prepared to live with the decision 

Remember that makeovers are always risky, so you have to be prepared for living with your decision. Once you get a haircut, you cannot change it no matter what. The good news, however, is that it is just hair and will grow back in time. What’s more, you may subsequently feel good with the new look as you learn to style it in different ways. There are women who have not been happy with hair makeovers initially but end up with the new style for the years to come.

Experimenting with your hair requires a lot of courage, particularly when you want something that makes you look completely different. Though there is a risk, the final result can be amazing provided that you are smart with the choice. Following the aforementioned tips can definitely make a difference when it comes to winning the hair makeover game.

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