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Things to Seriously Work on During Stay at Home Order

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

More than 90 percent of the country has been asked to stay at home as the coronavirus continues to plague millions of people across the globe. While these necessary changes have certain disrupted everyday life, it doesn’t have to be looked at like a punishment. Instead of focusing on things you can’t control, why not use this “downtime” to work on areas of your life that need improvement?

Health and Wellness

If the onset of the coronavirus has taught you anything, it should be the importance of your health and wellness. Though the virus doesn’t discriminate, if you contract COVID-19,  your odds of survival are greatly improved if your health is in order. So, take this time to work on the wellbeing of you and your family.

  • Assess and Manage Your Health – Life makes it easy to overlook your health. Maybe there’s been something going on with you that you haven’t addressed because you’re simply too busy. Well, now is the time to assess and properly assess your health. Whether you’re worried about hormonal imbalance, one of your kids seems to be struggling with anxiety, or your husband is concerned about low testosterone in men, you can utilize the time you’re at home to get educated on ways to manage and or treat the problem. 
  • Improve Your Diet – A strong immune system is key to warding off and, if necessary, fighting viruses and disease. To boost your immune health, make sure you’re consuming things that help to strengthen your mind and body. Introduce healthy food choices including lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Eliminate things like sugar, salt, and fat. 
  • Exercise – Previously, your hectic schedules may have kept you from focusing on physical activity. Now is the time to develop a workout routine. You can walk around your neighborhood (while practicing social distancing), ride bikes, walk the dog, workout with an online video, or engage in fun outdoor play with your kids to get in tip-top shape. 
  • Practice Self-Care – You often don’t get the time to prioritize your own needs. Well, now that you do, give yourself the TLC you deserve. Develop morning and night routines, learn how to kick back and relax, get lost in a good book, or learn a new hobby. 


Family bonds are essential to living a happy life. The only problem is, hectic schedules and other obligations tend to get in the way of you cultivating positive relationships with those closest to you. With many of your obligations on pause at the moment, you can work on building a positive relationship with your loved ones.

  • Rekindle the Fire in Your Marriage – Now is a great time to strengthen your marriage. Though you’re in the house, there are plenty of things you guys can do to rekindle the fire. You can sit and have conversations, flirt, watch movies together, plan a candlelit dinner, have a romantic spa night, or spend time laughing and having fun doing something you love together. 
  • Spend Quality Time with the Kids –  With the kids being home from school, use this as an opportunity to get closer to them. Find fun projects and activities to do together while at home. Do arts and crafts, plan a family game or movie night, go on nature walks together, work on a garden or home improvement project, and make family meals a priority. 
  • Connect with Relatives – Social distancing laws may prevent you from being able to visit or gather with extended family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch. Call, text, or video chat relatives to stay connected.

Finances and Future Planning

Though your finances are likely strained right now if you’re unable to work, this is the perfect time to begin getting your finances and future plans in order.

  • Create a Budget – If money is especially tight, you can ease some of the frustration by creating a budget and prioritizing your expenses. 
  • Wills and Estate Planning – Although the hope is that you and your family live for a long time, in these uncertain times you can never be too sure. Make sure that your wills are updated and that you’ve properly planned your estate in the event that you pass. 
  • Career Goals – Maybe you were working at a dead-end or stressful job prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that you’re not working, you can use this as an opportunity to plan your future. Start creating a career plan or looking into business ideas that you can start from home with little to no startup cash. 

No one could have predicted that the world would be in such a dire state. Though the news and changes are stressful and depressing, try to move beyond those negative emotions. Make the best of this time by improving these areas of your life. That way, when this is all over, you can hit the ground running.

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