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Think You Can’t Take Care Of Your Garden In The Winter? Think Again!

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A lot of the time people tend to assume that the only times of year that they can effectively take care of, or make any changes to, their garden is when the sun is out. This means that they try to do everything during the spring and summer months. And that time of year is one of the perfect times to make changes in your garden but a lot of people seem to fail to realize that there are plenty of things that you can do in your garden even during the coldest winter days. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do for your garden this winter.

Keep the lawn trimmed

One of the biggest problems that a lot of people have with their gardens during the winter is that they end up having to look at a long, unkempt lawn all season long. This is because most people assume that they’re not going to be able to move the lawn during the winter. And sure, there is a degree to which this is true. After all, not only is mowing the lawn in the rain going to be a seriously unpleasant experience, but it’s also going to end up with you dragging the lawnmower through the mud until you get to the point where you’re just doing more damage to your lawn than anything else. However, there are still plenty of dry days in the winter so why not take that change to give your lawn a bit of a trim. That way, not only is it going to a whole lot nicer to look at but it’s also going to make things a whole lot more pleasant if the snow falls. After all, nothing ruins a perfect snowfall than grass growing up through it and melting it!

Create some storage space

It can be difficult to make space in your garden, especially if you’ve got a lot of tools. Sure, during the summer it makes sense for them to be out since you’ll be using them a lot. But in the winter your pruning shears are probably not going to see all that much use. However, just leaving them to sit out in the backyard is just going to result in them getting dirty and rusted. If you want to keep your tools protected then something like a shed is a great idea. Sure, you can go out and buy a shed but if you fancy getting into the DIY spirit then building your own might not be a bad idea. With something like this 12X10 Gable storage shed plan, you can create the kind of storage that’s specifically built for your garden and your needs. Plus, getting to put something together with your own two hands is just about the most satisfying thing there is!   

Plant some winter crops

There will be those who’ll tell you that by the time you get to this time of year, all of your chances for planting and growing things will have passed you buy and you’ve just got to wait until next year. This is not true! Well, to be more accurate, it’s only about half true. Sure, there are plenty of plants and vegetables that would never survive the cold weather, but from onions to winter lettuce to microgreens, there are plenty of things that you can plant in your garden that can stand up to the harsh conditions of the season incredibly well. That way, far from just sitting there waiting until the spring, your garden can still be a useless and fun way to spend your time all through the year.

Of course, just because you can do things in your garden during the winter doesn’t necessarily going to mean that you’re going to want to. The truth is most of us would much rather be curled up under a blanket inside with a hot drink than outside in the cold and the wet. And sure, no one is going to force you to go out and garden when it’s pouring with rain, but getting out there in the cold can not only be a pretty refreshing way to spend your time, but it can help to keep your garden the way you want it so that it’s not totally overgrown when the warm weather starts to roll around again. That way, you’ve got a whole lot less to worry about and you can get straight into the fun stuff that you’ve been waiting all winter to do.

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