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Time For zZz’s

Green beans picked, cucumbers too.

Bread and butter pickles canned. Green beans snapped.

Common floor areas vacuumed. Kitchen cleaned.

Dishes done. Cookies baked. Laundry in progress.

Corn being blanched and frozen.

Projects to wrap up. Emails to answer.

Posts to write, but they are sponsored and I don’t want to bombard you.

I’m doing a lot of this…

Yawn @ 9 months - Feb 2009
Jay at 9 months. Taken Feb 2009.


Wednesday 4th of August 2010

I've been doing a lot of that today too, but I wished I looked as cute as the baby when I'm doing it. ... You've done a lot. I'm tired from your to-do list and my to-doing. LOL


Tuesday 3rd of August 2010

I have to make a todo list that consist of finally cleaning off my desk, vacuuming and dusting. blech i dont wanna sheena NOT ONE BIT but alas i will do it because nick is coming over tomorrow *whines*


Tuesday 3rd of August 2010

AWWW!!! Look at a baby Jay! He just took all the chores away with his cuteness. I am feeling all fuzzy inside. I miss the boys being babies!!! :(

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