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Tips for Being a Safer Driver

We’ve all been there. A moment behind the wheel where we weren’t paying attention or doing something that put ourselves and other people on the road at greater risk of getting into an accident. The truth is we can probably all take steps to be safer drivers. While not everybody has a lead foot or bad habit of looking at their phones when they should be looking at the road, everyone’s a little bit guilty of bad driving now and then.

If you think you could probably take steps to be a better motorist, here are some useful tips to help get you started:

#1: Avoid Distracted Driving

One of the main culprits of distracted driving is the smartphone. The modern American’s life revolves around smartphones. They are constantly checking and worrying about missing some key message or piece of information. When you mix these with automobiles, this leads to a lot of temptations to text and drive and engage in other distractions on the road. Because we are busier than ever, many people don’t take the time to pull over to check their phones. All it takes is one second of distracted driving to miss a stop sign or to run someone over. If you always pull over, as a matter of principle, to fiddle with your smartphone, you will never have to worry about distracted driving again.

#2: Install an Ignition Interlock

An ignition interlock is a system that is designed to immobilize your vehicle until you pass a breathalyzer test and demonstrate sobriety. These are often installed in the vehicles of people who’ve been busted for drunk driving, but consumers can choose to have one installed voluntarily. If you have a bad habit of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated consider having one installed into your vehicle. The ignition interlock device cost is worth it if it saves you from the serious consequences of driving while intoxicated.

#3: Keep Safe Following Distances

One of the biggest causes of accidents is unsafe following distances. In fact, speeding is rarely the cause of accidents on the German Autobahn despite the world-famous road system having no speed limit posted for the majority of its total distance. The key problem was when motorists would follow other vehicles too closely and had little time to stop. Gridlock causes a lot of accidents and occurs when one motorist carries out an unexpected maneuver and traps you because you are too close to maneuver out of the way. When you are driving on the roads, keep ample space. You should keep at least one car length behind for every 10 mph that you are traveling.

#4: Never Drive When You Are Tired

People who drive when they are sleepy are more dangerous than drunk drivers. Their eyes may start gluing shut as each blink becomes longer and longer. And they may even begin to dream while awake and hallucinate. Many people have died in terrible accidents by falling asleep at the wheel.

#5: Keep Your Vehicle Properly Maintained

A lot of drivers fail to keep up proper maintenance on their vehicles because repairs are expensive. When they neglect their vehicles, they become hard to control and dangerous on the roads. The problem gets even worse in emergency situations and bad weather. Anyone can finance an inexpensive new car for a couple of hundred dollars a month. Do the world a favor and don’t drive if your car is junk.


Don’t fall into the habit of wishful thinking and taking risks. The consequences of improper motor vehicle operation are too high. If you follow the tips above, you will live a long healthy life that is free of the handicaps, legal stigmas, and other hardships that follow poor driving habits.

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

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