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Tips for Choosing the Right Window Shutters

When it comes to interior design, people choose all sorts of different styles. Different furnishings, colors, units, cabinets, and more! There is a style for everyone, whatever your personal likes or dislikes. 

The same comes for window shutters. Of course, many homes have various blinds or drapes, but window shutters are an amazing, often beautiful alternative. In this article, we’re going to break down all the information you need about window shutters, what they are, and how to pick the right ones for your home.

What Are Window Shutters?

Window shutters are an alternative method of window dressing to drapes, curtains, or blinds. As described by one of the sales gurus over at Shuttercraft, “Window shutters are, by design, the most versatile type of window covering on the market.” You may not think that to be true, but it is! They are flexible, movable, and can completely change the style and light levels of a room. 

Designed as a solid, stable, yet moveable window covering consisting of an upright frame – designed to fit the size of your window – crossed by horizontal rails. Within the spaces created by this frame and the crossed-rails, a window shutter usually incorporates louvers. Louvers are the movable parts, often referred to as the slats or shutters themselves, that block out exterior light.

Benefits of Shutters

Sounds good, but why should I choose shutters? Well, a properly thought-out set of shutters has many advantages. We’ve already discussed how flexible they are; due to their design and moving parts, they can change the light levels and feel of a room in an instant. They are also one of the most effective ways to do this! In fact, shutters can often block 50% more light than other types of window cover whilst also retaining 50% more heat in the home. 

Aside from this, window shutters often add value to a home for many reasons. Firstly, people simply like the way they look. They fit windows well, keep the home private, block out noise, and even make homes look and feel more secure. This all adds to a property’s curb appeal and value. They are also totally customizable and super easy to clean. Overall, then, window shutters seem to provide one of the best choices for your home.

What Are Shutters Made From?

Classically, they are made from wood with wooden louvers. But, when it comes to choosing your own window shutters, the choice is entirely yours. You can stick with wooden frames – of which there are plenty of wood types to choose from – but have glass panels instead of louvers. You can go for Perspex or plastic window shutters if you need something waterproof, though these are less common. There is also the choice to have aluminum shutters, which are designed for more security for your home. 

Whether you want hardwood, MDF, plastic, or otherwise, they will come in a range of colors and finishes to literally suit any home. Plus, whichever style you like, there will be a finish and a material type to suit your budget. Though they look classy and add value to a home, they don’t need to be super expensive. Some MDF and cheaper hardwood shutters absolutely look the part but don’t break the bank.

Different Styles for Different Spaces

Of course, not all shutters look the same. Though the practical design is often very similar, they can take on very different styles and shapes despite this. There are a few more commonly used shapes or designs. For example, the French Door shutters. French doors are perfect for patios or balconies, but these giant panes of glass tend to let a lot of light into a room! Classic shutters suit French doors super well, giving ample flexibility.

It also depends on the shape of your window. Many homes have simple flat windows while others have bay windows, requiring extra hinges and shutters. Whichever type of window you have, you can get full height shutters, half-height, or even a combo of shutters and blinds. There are so many choices that we have absolutely no doubt you’ll find a style to suit your home. Find your local shutter store or online dealer and get yourself some made-to-measure blinds of any style. As long as they fit well, the rest is up to you!

As you can see, shutters are one of the most effective and stylish ways to dress your windows. Adding value to a home, blocking out light, keeping in heat, and looking great, all at the same time. And this is why we love shutters so much!

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