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Tips for getting your mom purse organized

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

When you have kids, the days of being able to carry a cute clutch or even a small shoulder bag are long gone. Instead – enter the mom purse. Stuffed full of things – just in case. And let’s be real, when you become a mom, long gone are the days of matching your purse to your outfit. 

But, if like me, you’re not ready to give up all hopes of being stylish, here are my top tips for maintaining your style credentials. Whilst also being able to carry coloring crayons, snacks and all other essential items that come with raising kids. 

The purse 

If you’re someone who tends to wear all black or blue, invest in a purse that has a pop of color. Oranges and reds always work well in any season. Similarly, a purse with a bold pattern will also hide any spillages that occur – surprisingly, a black purse will highlight sticky fingerprints. 

Pick a purse that’s big enough for the essentials, but not so big that you’re able to overfill it with items that never see the light of day again. Equally, if it’s too big, it’ll become too heavy and you could hurt your back in the long run.

The water bottle 

Be kind to the planet and your bank balance with a reusable water bottle. Chilly bottles are perfect for days out with or without the kids. Not only do they keep your water cold for hours, but thanks to the variety of colors and patterns, you can get one that really displays your personality. 

The coin purse

A coin purse is a great way to show your style – and keep your purse organized. Choose a small coin purse with a complimentary card holder that can fit neatly into the built in pockets of a purse.

Having a small coin purse will force you at the end of the day to take out heavy change. With the spare change create a collection pot in the home. You’ll be amazed with how much cash you can save. 

The handbag organizer 

The Holy Grail of keeping your purse organized. Take everything out of your purse and only keep the necessary items. Once you’ve done this, sort the items into groups. Think: make-up, pens and notebooks, kids’ toys and drinks and snacks etc. 

Handbag organizer’s should allow you to see everything in your purse, and the clever use of compartments will help you keep the groups of items in order. When your purse starts to get heavy again, you know some rogue items have snuck back in, and it’s time to get organized again! 

Being a mom doesn’t mean you’ve lost your identity, sure you might have to carry a few extra things around, but the essence of who you are is still the same. So, show off that style!

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