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Tips for Recovering from a Hangover

So you had a wild night out with your girlfriends last night. Or maybe you just had a few too many glasses of wine with dinner? Either way, you’ve got a hangover and you want to get rid of it. Your head hurts, your stomach hurts, and you are exhausted. You tell yourself you shouldn’t have drunk so much, but you can’t take it back now. You can, however, take steps to cure your hangover.

Here are some tips to help recover from a hangover:


Alcohol acts as a diuretic. This means that it will cause you to urinate frequently, which in turn empties your body’s electrolyte and water reserves. It is important to drink water while hungover, but it is even more important to stay hydrated when drinking alcohol. Dehydration is what can be blamed for the splitting headaches that come with hangovers. As your body loses water, it taps into other sources, including the brain. Keeping your body hydrated will go a long way towards getting rid of your hangover. Additionally, proper hydration can help kickstart your appetite.

Take the right supplements

There are many different supplements on the market that claim to cure hangovers. The effectiveness of most of these products is up for debate, but some contain ingredients which have been proven to help alleviate the common symptoms of a hangover. For example, taking supplements containing dihydromyricetin for hangover has been shown to eradicate headaches and other hangover symptoms. Dihydromyricetin is a natural flavanonol extracted from willow bark and has been long used as a natural anti-intoxicant and hangover cure. Another supplement, vitamin B6, has also been purported to cure hangovers. While scientific evidence of these claims is inconclusive, many people claim that vitamin B6 eases their hangover symptoms.

Get plenty of sleep

A few drinks may make you feel sleepy, but in excessive amounts, alcohol disturbs natural sleep patterns. This leads to restless and troubled sleep. This lack of sleep does not cause the hangover, but it can make some of the symptoms, like headaches, fatigue, and irritability worse. If you can find time to squeeze in a nap, your body will thank you.

Eat right

Heavy drinking can lower your blood sugar which, in turn, can cause headaches and nausea. A large meal, especially one full of carbohydrates, can ease your symptoms and have you feeling better sooner. If the thought of eating makes you feel even sicker, then turn to something bland like bananas or toast. Some people claim that greasy foods help get rid of a hangover, so if your up for it, get a burger and some fries. Drinking coffee can also help. Although coffee does not cure any hangover symptoms, it does act as a stimulate meaning you will have more energy to get through the day. Too much coffee, however, can dehydrate you, leaving you with the same problems that you started with.

Get some exercise

Although going for a morning run after a night of drinking may seem like torture, sweating and burning calories can help cure your hangover more quickly. Exercise helps your body metabolize leftover alcohol and expel it from your body through sweat. Exercise is also a mood booster. Even as little as 20 minutes of mildly intense exercise can have you feeling better and more productive.

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