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Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle With Your Child in Tow 

You’ve finally decided to take that much-needed vacation to Southern California. You’ve loaded up the minivan, packed up the kids and hit the road. 

Now that you’re there, you want to pull out one of the biker T-shirts you purchased for just this occasion, unhook the motorcycle from the back of the van and hit the road to explore all this gorgeous place has to offer. Your only problem is that you don’t want to leave your child behind. He’s always wanted to ride with you, and now he’s old enough, so why not? Here are some tips for doing just that  — safely.

Buy a Kid’s Helmet That Fits 

The last thing you want to do is throw an adult’s helmet on a child and hit the road. There are many different options for kid’s helmets out there, so you need to do your research and find one that fits the way it should. There are far too many cases in the news of kids wearing adult helmets and those helmets just flying off during an accident. 

The helmet you choose should fit your child snugly for maximum safety when you’re on the road. The only downside to buying a snug helmet is that your child will grow out of it quickly. However, that’s not a reason to buy one that is a little loose, as it could be dangerous, even deadly in an accident. 

Never Carry Your Child in Front of You 

It is illegal to put your child in front of you on a motorcycle, and it’s illegal for a very good reason. Not only will allowing your child to ride in front of you hamper your ability to operate your bike, but it also makes it easier for your child to fall off. Always put your child in an attached seat behind you for safety’s sake and their own comfort as well.

Purchase the Proper Clothing for Your Child

You have the proper clothing for riding, right? If you do, then your child should have the proper clothing for their size and age as well. A good leather riding jacket, gloves, motorcycle pants, and boots will not only keep your child warm on any ride but will serve to give them a layer of extra protection should an accident happen. 

Teach Basic Safety Skills First 

This tip might take a little bit of practice, because kids tend to forget. However, it’s very important for them to know the basic safety rules and skills of riding a motorcycle. Sit them down and tell them the safety rules, then remind them every time they go to get on the bike and head out on the road with you. 

It will take patience, but it’s important that they know the importance of these safety rules and that it could be dangerous, even deadly if they don’t follow them. 

Make Sure the Bike is in Good Repair

While this is something you should be doing, to begin with, it’s even more important if you have a child in tow. The last thing you want is to get stranded in the middle of a lonely road in the country with your tired child with you. Check and double-check that your bike is in great condition and you should be fine. 

These are just a few of the best tips you can follow for letting your child ride your motorcycle with you. From keeping the bike in good repair to making sure the helmet you put on your child fits properly, you can be sure that the ride will be fun and safe when you venture out together.

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

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