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Tips To Create A Balinese Inspired Garden

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

In modern hectic times such as the one, we live in now, having a place to call your own and retreat there whenever things get too much is priceless. Therefore, owning a garden becomes a privilege to be grateful for, so it’s important to make it look well-put, tidy, and pretty. So if you’re looking to create an outdoor space inspired by Bali and being zen, then here are some useful tips that will help you create an ultimate Balinese garden for yourself and your loved ones.

1. Add an element of water to create a quiet atmosphere

Water has a soothing effect on a stressed-out mind and body, so before you start doing anything else, make sure to create a body of water to inspire you and soothe you in difficult times. Balinese-inspired gardens almost always have a fountain that’s used for exactly these types of purposes. For some extra enjoyment, create a smaller swimming pool or even better, a pond, and place a fountain in such a way to allow water to be poured down into a pool or a pond. Hearing the sound of water every day can have tremendous positive benefits on your well-being and happiness.

2. Don’t neglect the outdoor lighting

There’s no point in owning a beautiful garden if it stays dark during the pleasant evening hours. Hence, before you go shopping for charming seating area pieces, it’s essential to install appropriate lights for your garden. You can go with the string lights, a fire pit, or even elegant lanterns, just make sure to match them with the rest of your garden. That way, you’ll be able to host a cozy evening with your friends or even enjoy a romantic outdoor dinner for two. Also, deciding to add a few candles will surely create a loving and spiritual atmosphere, especially in the evening. 

3. Decor matters a great deal 

Floral arrangements and other plants are the key part of every garden, but in case you’re looking to further spruce up your outside area, feel free to consider adding some Balinese-inspired decor pieces. For example, a statue of Buddha is always a good choice, but for some extra charm, you can go to and check out various decor pieces inspired by Bali and the Far East. Opting for authentic hand-carved decorations will give your garden a unique appeal that will make you feel cozy, serene, and happy every time you decide to spend a quiet afternoon there.

4. Focus on creating a peaceful feeling 

Balinese-garden is all about promoting harmonious connection to nature and its beauty, so rather than focusing on the lavish decor, it’s better to work towards achieving a sense of peace and gratitude. There are many activities that you can do there such as burning sandalwood, meditating in the morning, or adding the spiritual figures of Rama, Ganesha, or Sita, just to name some. These figures evoke and protect mental clarity, success, good fortune, and wisdom, so if you decide to keep them in your garden, it’s very likely they’ll help your garden feel complete and peaceful. 

Final thoughts

Balinese culture is so all-encompassing that it allows you a lot of room when decorating your space to reflect these ancient values. Playing with different colors can give you a better overview of what works for your garden, and opting for various spiritual figures will increase the feelings of calmness and gratitude within you. Just remember to practice mindfulness on a regular basis, and your Balinese-inspired garden will automatically feel more authentic, beautiful, and serene.

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