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Tips To Keep Your House Pet-Friendly

Keeping a pet is a huge responsibility. You’re responsible for their well-being and it can take a lot more effort than you might expect. One example is the need to adjust your house and make sure that it’s pet-friendly. This can include some simple renovations to make it more friendly for your pet, but it can also involve identifying risks to your pet to ensure it’s safe and secure.

So in this post, we’ll be taking a look at some tips to help keep your house pet-friendly.

Photo by Siddharth Kaushal on Unsplash

Understand that some houseplants can be dangerous to your pets

Common houseplants can actually be dangerous to certain pets. For example, there are a large number of houseplants that are dangerous to dogs. This includes lilies, aloe vera, ivy and asparagus fern. If your dog accidentally ingests these plants, then it could cause serious diarrhea and vomiting which requires immediate attention.

Keeping loose objects away from shelves

Your pets could have a tendency to jump on shelves and knock things around. If this is the case, we highly suggest that you remove anything that could be dangerous from your shelves. Anything loose that might break and shatter should be packed away inside a cupboard or drawer instead of being put on display. If you have any valuables on display, then we highly suggest protecting them in a case or else you risk your pet damaging it.

Deal with electronics and wires

If your pet has a tendency to chew at things then we highly suggest that you try to keep wires hidden away. Since they’re carrying electricity, they can be incredibly dangerous to your pet and it’s important to keep an eye out for their safety. Some common examples include wires behind computers and televisions.

Letting your pet in and out

A lot of pets like to go in and out of the house, especially if you have a large garden for them to play in. As such, you’ll need to think about how you can let your pet in and out without intervention. The most common way to achieve this is to install dog doors for doors and cat flaps where necessary. This will ensure that your pet can go out for fresh air and to stretch their legs without needing to bother you about it first.

Keeping your home clean

A clean home means a clean pet. Make sure you’re dealing with pet hair as soon as possible, groom them regularly to keep their hair under control and make sure you clean their paws if they’ve been outside. Their food bowl is also a candidate for bacteria, so make sure it’s cleaned regularly to keep things hygienic.

Having a pet isn’t easy. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is a lot of work that requires you to be loving and vigilant. Make sure that you’re aware of your responsibilities as a pet owner and look for ways to make your house and surroundings a more comfortable place for your companion.

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