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Top 5 Quick and Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

We live in and move around in our houses daily, in terms of how most of our stuff works – we can all admit that we barely have a clue. This is why whenever repairs and remodeling are in the works, the advisable thing to do for homeowners is to hire professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and the like. There’s a reason why they’re the ones considered professionals in this field right?

With professionals being hired to fix our houses, it is only just that they charge reasonable fees for their services – this is where remodeling becomes a major household decision. While it is advisable to hire professionals, not all households have the financial capacity to call a plumber or an electrician every time a fix is needed in their home. Luckily, we are in the age of modern technology: we have the internet. We can now assess the gravity of the repair or remodeling we want to be done in our home to see if it is something we can do ourselves with the help of research or if it is really needed to hire professionals.

Do note that when it comes to major repairs, it is still strongly advised that you hire professionals as tinkering with it yourself may cause further damage. However, with minor remodeling such as refurbishing your bathroom vanity or applying a fresh coat of paint doing it by yourself is more than possible, cheaper, and definitely more rewarding.

To help you get started on budget-friendly remodeling without the need to hire a professional architect or landscaper, let’s get you started on 5 simple DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that will give your bathroom the added personality it needs!

Frosted Windows

Frosted Windows is a typical bathroom window design that gives the window an opaque finish and gives the bathroom a feeling of class and elegance as it turns certain areas of the bathroom into a semi-private space that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These kinds of windows and glass are often installed in wide bathrooms and outdoor bathrooms in villas and vacation houses. Now, frosted windows usually come at a hefty price, lucky there is a DIY alternative you can try!

You can cop Frosted Window Stickers online or even at a nearby home depot and you can paste it yourself on the surface of your regular bathroom windows. Once done, your window will have that frosted opaque finish and will definitely make your bathroom look elegant and high-class! The amazing thing about frosted windows and frosted window stickers is that they will also save you so much time as you don’t have to clean it that often and once you do, a simple rag will do the trick.

Glossy Spray Paint

One thing you can’t replace too often is your bathroom fixtures. These include your toilet, showerhead, built-in soap dish, and other bathroom paraphernalia you’ve had fixed to the walls or the floors of the bathroom when you first had it made. These fixtures are the priciest items in your bathroom and are supposedly made to last – with the average time for wear and tear being 10-15 years. However, the same look does get boring after quite some time, and it is both an unneeded expense and quite a hassle to replace them if it’s just the aesthetic that we want to mix up. How do we solve this? Glossy Spray Paint is here to save the day!

Modern Spray Paints are now non-toxic and stick well to any surface that their color and shine last so it is a great alternative to use when you want to remodel your bathroom’s theme and change the color of your bathroom fixtures. With just a little bit of masking tape or any tape for that matter and newspapers to keep other surfaces safe, you can spraypaint your fixtures and give them a new life, making them more aesthetically pleasing and modern than it has ever had.


While the flooring and the fixtures have got it down pat when it comes to considering that your bathroom will almost always be wet, some of the added furniture such as cabinets, decorations, and others of the like may not have been built with these considerations in mind. Knowing this, one way to ensure that you don’t have dilapidating furniture in your bathroom that’s both unaesthetic and may be a hazard is to waterproof it yourself.

DIY remodeling has turned into a hassle-free activity. To waterproof your furniture, you can buy waterproof varnish or waterproof sprays (you can ask for assistance on which is best to buy depending on the type of surfaces you’ll spray it on such as wood or plastic, etc.) and easily protect all your furniture and decorations from the constant state of wet that your bathroom is in. These kinds of sprays are durable and last for many years so you’ll only have to respray every 5 or so years – a much much cheaper alternative than changing your appliances and spending a ton of amount on repairs.

Color your Tile Grout

To make sure tiles stay in place and no water to not gets under them, grout is an essential part of tiling floors and walls. This is why you see white spaces however small in between each tile – if you see that, it means your tiles have been properly grouted, and you are good to go! Unfortunately, even if the grout is a need when it comes to tiling your bathroom floors and walls, the narrow concave spaces it makes between tiles make it susceptible to dirt build-up. As time passes, it is inevitable for your tile grout to become yellowish or greenish no matter how much elbow grease you put into your scrubbing.

One way to save you the messiness of discolored tile grout due to the passage of time is to color your tile grout a dark complementary color to your tile colors so that dirt build-up becomes unnoticeable! This will give your bathroom a constantly clean look whether or not you’ve done your routinely scheduled bathroom schedule.  Of course, you’ll still have to clean the space between your tiles every time you clean your bathroom for sanitary purposes but this little DIY hack means you don’t have to worry about the aesthetic effect of tile grout dirt!

Decors and Accent Pieces

Sticking to a bathroom theme religiously is definitely a fun and aesthetic way to keep your bathroom in. But, it cannot be denied that this means you’ll have to change and upscale your bathroom fixtures and pieces just to match each theme you pick out ever so often. While it is really cute, it may not be the most financially wise decision for your household. With this little hack though, you’ll keep your bathroom looking like it’s religiously stuck to a theme without hurting your pockets.

Your bathroom upon building and installation of all the fixtures and appliances already has a chosen color combination for the tiles, the toilet, and so on and so forth. You can use this to your advantage! Research on themes that match your bathroom’s existing color scheme and simply add a few accent pieces on the wall and on top of your counter and toilet and trust us when we say it’ll look like it was all meticulously chosen to follow the theme you found religiously and give your bathroom a personality that your household members and visitors will surely enjoy.

The Bottom Line

It is true that professionally-done repairs and remodels do cost a hefty amount, and it just as that is the cost to pay for licensed professionals to assess our bathrooms and homes and make them the best they can be! However, not everything has to be professionally done all the time. Let’s make use of the benefits that the age of technology and frankly, the age of the internet has given us and use a few video tutorials and articles to take the tips and ideas we’ve stated here in our article and apply them to your home’s bathroom.

There are more than enough resources on the internet and on different video platforms for you to be able to learn how to do it properly in theory before you actually have to do it. You can even make it into a fun family activity as you research and shop for the materials needed together.

One last gentle reminder we’ll impart on you though is to know your limits. While fun little remodels are always a good and fulfilling experience to DIY, we should always know our limits. If we see damage in our bathrooms and even parts of the house that are too big, don’t try to fix it up yourself if you don’t have the knowledge and experience for it. There’s a reason why we have professionals in these fields and they’ll be able to do those repairs in a way that will ensure you’ll still be able to use your fixtures and appliances for a long time. Always remember to hire help if needed!





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