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Top 5 Tips for Maintaining a Small Garden

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

Spring is the perfect time of year to get back outside, even if you haven’t got a huge yard space. You can make the most of a modest garden or even balcony to get your green thumbs working. Create your own little sensory space with fragrant herbs and colorful flowers. You could even build a vertical garden using climbers and clever storage ideas. Anything’s possible if you’re creative enough, and a small garden can be just as beautiful. Here are five tips to get you started.

Vertical foliage and climbers

If you’re short on space, why not try some creative vertical garden ideas? Build a vertical garden using a trellis and climbers, for example. You could also make use of the vertical space with hanging baskets. Keep your plants up high by even attaching planters to the wall or fence. You can make these by upcycling household items. If you like using recycled materials, create a hanging herb garden by adding pockets to some landscaping fabric.

Low-maintenance herbs and flowers

For something a little more low-maintenance, start a cutting garden. Grow your own herbs and flowers in pots. Alternatively, you can use a corner of the garden or makeshift beds using recycled boxes or crates. That way the plants will stay contained. It’s also perfect if you love making flower arrangements. Your flowers will be perfect for picking and you can use them to decorate your home. Bring the outside in this spring. You can also use the herbs in your favorite recipes.

Practical irrigation system

Think about the most practical ways to water your small garden. If you have space, Berkeley pumps will provide even irrigation. For smaller gardens and balconies, you could just use a watering can. Bear in mind the time you’ll need to put in watering your plants, however, and choose them accordingly. The good thing is smaller gardens tend to involve less maintenance overall. If you keep on top of watering, you can keep your plants thriving for longer.

Upcycled shelves and storage

Try to come up with some creative space-saving garden ideas. Shelves are perfect for potted plants and accessories. You could upcycle old shelving units such as bookshelves or a cart from your home. Old crates stacked and nailed together also make perfect makeshift shelves. If you need hidden storage space, wooden or wicker boxes can double up as seating. These work well on a balcony or small patio. 

Eye-catching colors

Make the most of your small garden by transforming it into a sensory space. Certain additions will make it appeal to all the senses. Add plenty of texture, and choose a mix of colorful and fragrant flowers. These will also attract birds, bees, and butterflies. You can turn your small garden or balcony into the perfect haven for wildlife. Getting in touch with nature is very beneficial for your overall well-being, and gives you a new sense of perspective. Enjoy tending to your small garden this spring, and watch your efforts bloom.


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