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Top Steakhouses You Must Check Out When Visiting California

The appreciation of food is a universal experience. Steaks are hugely popular these days whether they are cooked rare, medium-rare, or well done. When it comes to family treats, social events, or celebrations, it’s an exhilarating experience to head for a local steakhouse. 

Lovers of meat can satisfy their appetites as they enjoy good company. Quality drinks and side dishes are provided as well. If you’re traveling to California, you may wish to check out some of the top steakhouses while you’re there. We will now discuss some of the most famous and popular options in the area. 

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse And Wine Bar

Anyone who visits this high-end restaurant will not be disappointed.  What began in 1998 as one establishment has spawned into several steakhouses in multiple locations. When visiting, check out its high-quality USDA prime beef. 

With all the options we are discussing today, it’s possible to find more information on the internet. Anyone wishing to know Flemings pricing would be able to discover online price lists for steaks, appetizers, salads, and entrees. Before people make their choices of restaurant they are keen to know the costs of things like steak companions, small plates and kids’ food. 

5A5 Steak Lounge

This themed restaurant derives its name from the five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. They will all be satisfied here if you enjoy A5 grade Japanese Wagyu, and other Japanese-inspired dishes. 

Lovers of quality drinks will also be able to experience rare whiskey and a wide range of wines. There will be cocktails on the menu too if you require them. 

Mastro’s Steakhouse

If you fancy a top-quality meal and live entertainment, this could be your place. Check out the dress code in advance, and book outdoor dining if you prefer. If you wish, you could order a 48oz Double-Cut Porterhouse or a 30oz Wagyu Tomahawk Steak. 

It may be that some of your fellow guests enjoy seafood. They could select things like shrimp, oysters, or crab legs to go with their wine. 

Fleming’s Steakhouse

For this food provider, you’ll need to head for Newport. It’s a restaurant featuring Main Filet Mignon, which is its signature steak. 

There are other choices too, which help contribute to its five-star customer ratings. Don’t forget to order some handcrafted cocktails while you’re there. 

House Of Prime Rib

This is one of the oldest restaurants being discussed in this article. Its excellent reputation has been preserved to this day. 

It’s a haven for quality well-aged meat that is roasted and carved to perfection. There’s fully cooked whole or half ribs available, and well-marbled prime rib. 


This steakhouse is located in Los Angeles. It’s another high-end restaurant, and understandably so. It was started by celebrity Curtis Stone and his brother. You can choose 3,5 or 10-course options if required.

There’s also a butchers’ shop attached to the steakhouse. This makes it a great resource for some home cooking using quality food when you return home. 

Southern California Steakhouses

For the ‘old West’ feel, drive to Idle Spurs Steakhouse in Barstow. If you fancy a rustic-feel restaurant with neckties suspended from the ceiling, try Trabuco Oaks Steakhouse.

For home-style steaks, go to the Old Glen Steakhouse And Saloon. Prime rib lovers may wish to consider the D’Carlos Restaurant, or the Old Place (in the little town of Cornell). There’s also the Grizzly Cafe if you want a baked potato with your steak, and fresh vegetables with side dishes. 

Tripadvisor Recommendations

The Charles Street Brasserie has gluten-free options and serves steakhouse, Mediterranean, and seafood meals. One reviewer said, ‘I will be returning.’ The Outback Steakhouse offers vegetarian as well as gluten-free options. One visitor said, ‘We had the best guest experience.’ Another recommendation was the Asahi Japanese Steak And Seafood restaurant. The meals were five-star rated, and one online comment said, ‘Excellent food.’ 

The Texas Roundhouse appeared high on the list as well, providing table service and a full bar. Rated at four stars, one review said, ‘Wonderful restaurant.’ Last but not least was the Longhorn Steakhouse which provides such things as television, high chairs, and wheelchair access. Two top comments were, ‘Best steak in the area’ and ‘Best steak of 2020.’

No doubt this has whetted your appetite and given you food for thought. Why not book a visit to one of these outstanding establishments right now? When the steak is good and the company is right, few things in life are better. 

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