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Top Techniques To Protect Your Wooden Furniture From Damage

Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

Wooden furniture brings warmth into your home. It can be old, or new, but still allows you to create your own style, comfort, and connection to the past. Wood is durable and versatile, that’s why it remains the most popular option for most furniture choices. 

But, wood can also be damaged, leaving you needing the services of a quality specialist in furniture repair. While this is an option, it is beneficial to take the following steps to protect your wooden furniture. This will minimize the likelihood of it being damaged.

Varnish It

Your wooden furniture should already be finished with a varnish or lacquer coat. This protects the surface of the wood from scratches and extends the longevity of the furniture. Should the finishing veneer become scratched you’ll be able to polish light scratches out and recoat the item, ensuring it continues to be protected.


Despite the toughness and durability of wood it can be surprisingly easily scratched by hard surfaces. This includes the base of your lamp, coffee cup, or even your keys. 

You can protect your wood from damage by using cotton pads that adhere to the bottom of other fixtures. These create a cushion between the wooden furniture and the accessory, protecting the wood from damage.

They work on the same principle as a coaster for your cup.

Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight is good for your health but it’s not so good for your wooden furniture if a piece is left in direct sunlight it will fade. It can be difficult to restore the color of faded wood, potentially making a permanent mark.

You don’t need to move your furniture to the dark side of the room. It’s possible to add a clear tint to your windows, this will block the harmful UV rays and protect your furniture while still allowing light into your room.


Moisture is a wood killer. It causes the wood to swell and encourages mold to grow on the wood. Moisture in the wood can also attract pests, such as termites. These will not be kind to your wood!

You can monitor the humidity levels in your home and reduce the using a dehumidifier. 

It’s also a good idea to have water damage on your household insurance, especially if your wooden furniture is expensive. This will allow you to claim if your furniture is damaged due to something like a burst pipe. 

Clean It

Perhaps one of the best ways of protecting your wooden furniture is simply to clean it. A microfiber duster is best as this attracts the dust to it. You’ll be removing all the particles that can cause scratches or allow mold growth. 

Dusting regularly will also help to ensure you spot any issues with your wooden furniture early. That can help you to resolve them successfully.

Alongside dusting it’s a good idea to use a wood polish periodically. This helps to maintain the protective top layer on your furniture and reduces the chances of damage.

Of course, accidents do happen, that’s why you need the number of a good furniture repairer.


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