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Top Tips for Raising a Happy, Healthy Cat

Photo by Amir Ghoorchiani from Pexels

There is no question that you want your cat to live a long, happy, and healthy life, but how do you ensure that? If you want your favorite feline friend to curl up and purr each evening after a satisfying day of being a cat, then follow these top tips. 

Lots of Stimulation and Exercise

Your cat needs plenty of physical and mental exercise to fight off boredom and stay healthy. To do this, play with your cat as often as possible and provide scratching posts and wall perches. Learn much more about how to exercise your cat so that it stays stimulated, lean, and happy. 

Vet Visits and Vaccinations 

Your cat might not like going to the vet, but they will need it. Keep up to date with all your cat’s jabs and vet visits to ensure peak health, and if they put up a lot of fuss, look into ways of calming them down while they’re at the vet. 

Toys, Toys, Toys 

Provide your cat with plenty of toys. Toy fish, birds, and even just balls of string will vastly improve playtime, giving them something to focus on as they go about their day. This is particularly important for indoor cats, as they won’t have the outside world to play with, so you must provide enough fun inside to keep them occupied. 

A Healthy Diet 

A balanced diet will give your cat a boost of health and make them as happy as possible, so look out for cat food that is filled to the brim with nutrition. The food that is best for your cat will depend on its medical needs, breed, and size, so speak to your vet if you’re unsure what brand is best for them. 

Get Another Cat 

You might think owning two cats is harder than one, but that’s not the case! Getting another cat will give both of them someone to play with, decreasing the pressure put on you while they get lots of stimulation and fun. 

Provide Cat Spaces 

Cats love to stretch, curl up, and sit and stare in a wide range of spaces, with a favorite being the living room window. Make those spaces even better for them by laying down cushions with a few cat toys around, and they’ll enjoy their snooze time much more. 

Regular Grooming 

To keep your furry friend’s coat as smooth as possible, groom your cat regularly by brushing them. Unless they’re extremely dirty, you don’t need to give them baths, as they are clever creatures and clean themselves! 

Keep a Calm House 

When you own a pet, it is your responsibility to provide an environment that promotes comfort and happiness. A house full of banging, loud voices, and deafening music is not suitable for a cat and will only cause stress. You don’t need to whisper or turn the TV down too much – simply keep a calm home with a positive atmosphere. 

A happy, healthy cat will be a best friend like no other, so give your cat as much love and attention as possible. 

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