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Top Tips to Prepare For a Successful Camping Trip This Summer

Photo by Xue Guangjian

There are a plethora of reasons you and your family and friends should go camping this summer. It’s fun, you can reap the benefits of nature, you get to spend quality time with each other, not to mention it is extremely cost-effective. 

Planning a successful camping trip is slightly different from planning your typical summer vacation abroad. You’ll need to find the appropriate campsite, schedule a range of activities, acquire the correct gear and equip yourself with knowledge. 

To help you get started and plan a great trip, here are some top tips.

#1 Find a good location 

You should first have a think about where you would like to go. This will be determined by what kind of activities you wish to do while you are camping. Some people like to go camping to chill and relax in their tent, read a book and play some games. Others like to camp close to a range of activities, such as swimming and hiking. Make sure the location is close to everything that you need. 

The location will also be determined by what kind of camping you want to do. You can choose from backpacking and camping in a remote destination, hiring a campervan for extra comfort, or using a rooftop or pop-up tent. This will help you find the most appropriate campsite. 

#2 Obtain your camping gear 

When you go camping, you are going to require a range of camping gear to make your trip comfortable. Unlike booking a holiday in a hotel, where a bed and luxury amenities are provided, when you go camping, you have to bring all of your equipment. It is therefore important that you obtain the essentials, for example, a tent from a reputable brand such as Your tent must be durable and sturdy, to make sure you are safe and protected from any unpredictable factors, such as bad weather. You will also need to obtain an air mattress or camping bed, a seasonal sleeping bag and pillow, cooking equipment, suitable clothing, and more. 

If you plan on going camping regularly, you may choose to invest in your own equipment. If you plan to only go once or trial it, you may wish to borrow equipment from a friend or book onto a campsite that has equipment you can use. 

#3 Plan your meals 

Food is very different when you are camping. Unless you plan to find a local cafe to dine at three times per day, you will need to acquire the correct equipment and plan your meals in advance. The most popular way to make meals when camping is to bring a barbeque and/or a camping stove. This means that you can bring a variety of meats and vegetables to cook and enjoy. Just ensure that you have a reliable cooler to keep your food fresh. Alternatively, you can pack a range of non-perishable items such as beans, pasta, noodles, tinned meats, and freeze-dried meals. 

Camping is a great way to spend your holiday. Make sure you are fully equipped with the correct tools and knowledge, to ensure you have a fun and successful trip.

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