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Top Tips To Spruce Up Your Makeup

Every lady wants to look good and bright. Wearing makeup is one of the things to ensure you look good. It is advisable to have makeup essentials that help you get a go-to work look. For some people, makeup increases confidence.

There are thousands of makeup materials and cosmetic products out there. You only need to choose what goes for you or get advice from a makeup artist. Next, you need to know what to include in your makeup kit. This blog post will discuss the basic things you need to have in your makeup to spruce it up and make you outstanding.

Earrings and Chains

When you wear good makeup, all you need is some good earrings to compliment your look. You can get some good pieces of chains, bangles and earrings from jewelry irish, or any other places where you can source some good ornaments. 

You can accompany your makeup with ornaments that help your makeup pop out and give you a stunning look. In addition, you can get several subtle jewelry pieces to go along with the makeup you put on on different days.

Have Skin Prepping Products

Your skin requires skincare prepping before you apply any makeup. Great makeup needs proper skincare for it to work out well. For instance, washing your face with some cleanser then applying some moisturizer. Skincare is crucial for you, no matter your type of skin.

Brushes and Sponges

It would be best if you had the right tools to apply your makeup well. For example, you need some excellent brushes to blend your concealer and foundation. In addition, you need to get a set of quality brushes for eye makeup. Good quality brushes enable you to do your makeup without straining.

Concealer and Foundation

Concealers and foundations are some of the basic things you should not lack in your makeup kit. It is best to have several shades of foundations and concealers since your skin can change from time to time. You can also mix the shades for each for you to get a perfect match for your skin.

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

Eyeshadows help you to create a good makeup look. They can come in different shades. Eyeshadows spice up your makeup, especially when you blend them well with your entire makeup. You can start by applying some simple shades to avoid overdoing shouting shades. Then, you can never go wrong with matching your eyeshadow with your daily dress codes.

You also need to include some eyeliners in your makeup kit. Eyeliners can come in various colors, but if you can’t afford several, you can start by having one. Eyeliners are a great way to define your eyes. 

They give a nice pop to your eyes, and you can apply them in different styles like forming cat eyes. Eyeliners can also be liquid or pencil, so you can choose the one you find easy and working for you.


Lipsticks are essential for your makeup since they give your lips a vibrant burst of color. You can have several lipsticks in many styles. Every makeup you do has a lipstick shade to compliment it. There are also different formulas for applying lipsticks. To bring out the best unique color, you need to blend different colors.

In conclusion, you can have many makeup products, but the above are essential for starters. You can top up your makeup kit with time as you discover your skin type.

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