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Top Tips When Buying A Family Car

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In 2017 alone, over 17 million cars were bought in America. When it comes to choosing a car for your family, whether it be your first or a replacement, there are various aspects to consider. Some of these involve helping you travel safely, while others involve accommodating your family’s specific needs. Here are some top tips to help you in the process of deciding which car to go for.


It can be savvy to go second-hand

On average, a brand new car depreciates by 33% after one year, and its value continues to decrease each year after that. As a result, it can often pay to buy a used car. Whatever type of vehicle you are after, buying second-hand doesn’t mean having to buy something that is very old or heavily used. Former demo or hire cars are often sold at discount prices and can sometimes save you thousands of dollars on the cost of a first-hand version. Other advantages of going down this route include the fact that there are no previous owners, the car will probably be quite new, and there is likely to be a relatively low number of miles covered by the car. Whatever type of vehicle you’re after, it’s worth looking out for second-hand opportunities.


Comfort and safety matter

Space and safety in the vehicle are of paramount importance when it comes to buying a family car. Consider the types of trips you’ll most frequently be making in it. Bear in mind how much room car seats and boosters take up, as well as any family-related gear needed for holidays or excursions. Make sure you research the safety record of any vehicle you are considering and try to test drive any car with all family members on board – or those who will most regularly be needing to use the car.


Focus on affordability

It goes without saying that the costs involved when it comes to cars can quickly mount up. On average, payments for new cars are over $500 per month (another reason to go second hand). However, the initial outlay for the car itself is only part of the story: it is the maintenance of the car that can really make it pricey. Do your homework on any model of car you’re considering, including factors such as miles per gallon, any known problems with the car and how expensive certain parts would be to replace. When it comes to financing your car, you’ll be kicking yourself if you end up having problems that might have been avoided had you researched the potential costs before buying it.


Put the time into researching different vehicles

Make the most of friends or colleagues who own a model you’re interested in. They can give you an honest assessment of their experience with the car to date, including pros and cons. Test drive any car you want to try, preferably with all the family too. Furthermore, take a car out for a test drive at different times of day if possible, just to allow you to gauge more fully whether it makes for a comfortable, enjoyable drive, while also enabling you to test out all its mod cons.

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