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Top Tree Care Tips & Techniques Everyone Should Know

Trees are a wonderful addition to any garden. They bring color, character, and they usually create an array of great memories. Most families become emotionally attached to their trees and that is a good thing. But, if you have trees it is important to take care of them. This will help them to live longer and prevent them from being an issue. 

Don’t forget that a tree that has never been pruned is likely to reach the height of power lines and potentially cause issues. The roots can also expand and even interfere with the foundations of your home, potentially causing subsidence issues.

Perhaps the best tree care tip you can get is to get professional help periodically. Reputable companies, like North Shore tree loppers, will be happy to prune and guide you. 

Choose The Right Tree

If you have the opportunity to choose a tree for your yard then take your time! You must choose a tree that is designed for your environment. That means knowing the amount of sun you get, the moisture of your soil, and even the acidity of your soil. Alongside this the tree must be comfortable in your temperature environment and be the right size for your needs; when grown. 

Plant It In The Right Spot

Trees take a long time to grow but they can become large. This can then allow their branches and roots to interfere with your foundations and even your sewer lines. Make sure you plant your tree far enough away from your home and sewer lines to allow for growth.

This is especially important if you are planting multiple trees.

Don’t forget, when you first plant a tree it is important to water your tree regularly. This helps it to deal with the shock of being transplanted. It may appear wilted for a week or two but this is normal and it will improve. 


The key to looking after your tree is to prune it annually. It is best to prune a tree in the late autumn or early, spring. You can check the better time for your type of tree.

When pruning remove all dead, broken, and damaged branches. You should also eliminate ones that are crossing each other. It is also a good idea to look at the shape of the tree. When pruning, try to keep the tree-like shape intact.


Your tree needs nutrients to survive and flourish. It should get what it needs from the soil. However, there is no harm in helping it by adding a little fertilizer to help it grow. 

You will get conflicting claims regarding fertilizing in the first season. But, all gardeners seem to agree it is a good thing to do after that. The all-purpose fertilizer is the simplest approach.

Know When It Is Damaged

No matter how hardy a tree is it can be damaged by lightning and storms. You need to know when it has been damaged and get professional help to remove the damaged section or even the tree, if necessary.


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