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Travel Mementos and Memories: 5 Amazing Ways to Make Them Last

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

2020 has seen most plans thrown out of the window. And if you’re someone who was planning to visit somewhere new, or set foot in as many countries as possible this year, then chances are you’ve been sorely disappointed. 

It’s not easy to keep your spirits up when your travel plans have been postponed until next year, however, if you still have plenty of travel souvenirs and mementos from your last trip stored away at home, why not get your travel fix by sorting through them and finding new and exciting ways to display them? Here we’ll explore 5 ways you can make your travel memories and mementos last. 

Create a Photo Collage 

You probably uploaded hundreds of photos onto Instagram when you were overseas, right? Well, if all your favorite travel snaps are trapped in your online accounts, why not set them free and display them at home as well? A collage photo frame from hello canvas is the perfect way to relive all those amazing adventures and memories. Not only do you get to choose your favorite images, but you can get creative with them too. 

You can easily edit your photo collage by rotating, zooming in and experimenting with the order of your photos using their simple editing tool. Maybe you have a certain color palette you want to stick to – no problem! With a photo collage, you’re in complete control of your most precious travel memories. The hardest part is deciding which photos to choose from!

Create A Video

As well as hundreds of photos on your smartphone and on social media, you probably gathered some amazing video shots whilst you were traveling. They may not seem like much on their own, but edited together, these snippets of your travels can quickly become a full-blown trip down memory lane! With some simple editing, transitions and even music, you can spend hours putting together and reliving those moments all over again. Don’t have any editing software? No problem! You can find free editing tools online.

Memory Jars

If you have multiple souvenirs from various destinations, then why not separate and organize them properly and display your favorite pieces in some memory jars? Sand from the beach, pebbles and shells, pine cones, tickets, and even tiny souvenirs that reflect the destination, such as a model Eiffel tower, or the leaning tower of Pisa etc. Keeping these on display make great talking points and it’s something you can continue to create the more you travel. 

Collect Business Cards & Tickets

Whenever you travel anywhere or visit a restaurant or business overseas, always retain your tickets and pick up a business card! Collecting these together and placing them in a jar or displaying them intricately on a noticeboard makes for a colorful and interesting piece of art. 

Journal Your Experiences

Writing down your travel experiences in a simple journal or webpage will help keep your travel memories alive. Whether you choose to share your travel experiences with others is completely up to you, however, if you’ve always wanted to write your own blog, you may have found your perfect niche! 

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