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Trends for New Moms

If you’re expecting your first child in the near future, you’re probably reading every child-care and new parent book on the market. But don’t let all of the information you’re taking in overwhelm you too much. Below are several essential items trending with new moms to make creating your supply list a bit easier.

Breast Pumps

If you’ve already made the decision to breastfeed, you’ll find that not all breast pumps are convenient. Try to search out a model that has professional or hospital-grade label on it to reduce the session times. And, if you want to get things done while using a breast pump, opt for a wireless breast pump that does not require electricity. 

Diaper Bags

The diaper bag is no longer a bulky and hideous accessory that you hide away under a stroller shelf until you absolutely need it. Today, they are fashionable accessories that every new parent happily totes around either over their shoulder, across the back or in front of the stroller. You can select from tote, clutch, satchel, backpack, or messenger diaper bags

Baby Carriers/Wraps

Carriers and wraps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of difficulty. If you’re more of the worrying type, there are carriers with up to six secure points. However, if you are more relaxed and trusting, many other models will allow you to slip your baby inside with a single or double side closure. And, if you want to avoid the hot and heavy fabrics during the spring and summer months purchase one that’s breathable. 

Baby Swings

Since invented, baby swings have allowed parents some free time to work, clean, or simply relax. Today, there are models that engage your child and switch things up so that your little one doesn’t grow tired of the same tunes or motion. Try to find a baby swing with extra padding or a removable insert, and one that swings both back and forth and side to side.  


Pacifiers, or often called binkies, are something new parents use to help calm babies between meals or prior to naps or bedtime. Many babies like to suck and a binkie satisfies this need. Binkies come in many shapes and designs. Just make sure to get high-grade materials, preferably silicone to prevent damage to your baby’s future teeth. 

Convertible Car Seats/Strollers

Not too long ago a new parent needed to buy an infant car seat, a carrier, and a stroller. Today, many manufacturers offer either two-in-one or three-in-one car seat/stroller models. With the two-in-one option, you can go from a car seat to a stroller, while the three-in-one option actually allows you to remove the car seat only for transporting just the seat or connect it to the stroller for effortless mobility. 


Onesies are a staple in every baby’s dresser. They are lightweight, easy to use, and have a snap bottom opening that makes changing diapers simple. Additionally, onesies come in a wide range of colors, with short or long sleeves and even with built-in mittens, which are ideal for newborns. 

Swaddle Blankets

Hospitals swaddle babies to keep them relaxed and comforted. As a new parent if you want to help your child ease into their new world, try using one too. There are different types, some of which you will go through trial and error, and others that simply wrap and secure in place. Another popular blanket is the traditional receiving blanket that you can use to swaddle, as a lightweight blanket, or even as a burping cloth.

Portable Changing Table

A portable changing table can be a life-saver when you are out with your baby. And, while most hotels, restaurants, and service areas alongside the highway have pull-out changing stations, they generally are not very sanitary. 

There are many trials and tribulations that come with new motherhood. With a list of many of the trending items by new moms everywhere, you’ll have a good start to making things easier. 

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