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Types of Cladding/Siding You May Not Have Considered

For many years the preferred cladding option across Australia has been wood. This is because there is a plentiful supply of wood and it offers great insulation, as well as being paintable. But this is not the only option when considering your home.

There are plenty of newer materials which can offer the same or better levels of insulation with a decreased level of maintenance and potentially less environmentally impact.

In fact many of these cladding systems have been available for as long as wood but aren’t as well known. You should try one of these 4 cladding types today!

1. Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding can be made to look like real wood but the maintenance is much easier. All you need to do is wash it down once a year; that’s it! You don’t even need to paint it as it will arrive color treated. It will also be resistant to UV rays; helping to prevent it from fading.

If you look at what reputable supplies such as Peter Bracey are offering, then you’ll also find that the latest vinyl cladding is made from recycled materials. This means it has an almost zero impact on the environment.

But vinyl cladding doesn’t have to look like wood. It can actually be created in a multitude of different colors and styles; allowing you to transform your home to make it look like your dream home.

2. Stone Cladding

Another option is to choose stone cladding. This will give your property the look of a traditional stone built house but it will be much easier to maintain.

This is a great way to clad a new building in an older residential area, especially if using actual stone to build your home is not a viable option.

The stone cladding can use natural stones but it can also be created from artificial stone; allowing you to choose the style and even the color of your new cladding system.

3. Metal

This has become an extremely popular choice, especially with designers seeking to create something that is natural, futuristic but also acceptable to the landscape.

Metal cladding is easy to install and needs very little maintenance. You can install it by itself or blend it with other cladding materials. It is also possible to choose between a high gloss finish and a more matt look, depending on how much you wish to blind your neighbors!

It can even be used to produce a brick like effect; the options really are almost endless.

Of course it is possible to adopt the original style of metal cladding; if you’re looking for a rustic look.

4. Glass Cladding

You may not have considered glass cladding or even felt it was a type of cladding material; but it is. Glass cladding is definitely a more modern approach to covering and protecting your building. While this can mean simply encompassing your building with windows it can also be used to great effect on the outside of your building.

For example, you may have heard of the invisible house which uses natural materials to hide the presence of the house. This can also be achieved with glass cladding that will simply make the building blend into its surroundings; effectively disappearing before your eyes.

Of course there are easier ways to use glass cladding.


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