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Living Small: Ubbi Diaper Caddy & Wipes Dispenser


When both of the boys were babies, we had a pack and play which doubled as a place to sleep and a changing table. We found that with Jaxon, we used it more for diaper changing than anything else. While a pack and play was a step in the right direction towards minimalism, serving multiple purposes, we realized that we could take our efforts a step further. Last summer, we downsized to a 925 sq ft 2 bedroom town-home out of necessity. During that transition, we lost a bedroom (office), dining room (playroom), and an outdoor storage shed. We purged so much before moving and continued to do so throughout the year. As we unpacked and settled, we made it work and realized that it wasn’t so bad.

In December, we found out that we were expecting. As Theo Huxtable would say, “Noooo problem.” We had adjusted to our humble(r) abode and it turned out to be cozier and more homey than our last place. We were met with questions like, “Are you going to get are bigger place next year?” And my response, “Why pay for unused space? I mean… how much space does a tiny human really need?” It would be a good four years before having to think about another bedroom and we planned to move by baby’s 1st birthday anyway.


Knowing that we’d have limited space for baby gear, we were extra conscious of what we brought into our home and how we used our space. Since we hadn’t gotten much use out of our pack and play with the boys, we decided not to use one for baby Akilah. That saved us a ton of space in our tiny living room, but not using a pack and play presented us with the task of how we’d organize diapering supplies for changes downstairs. We decided that a caddy would be the answer to our first floor diapering needs. The folks at Ubbi sent us their Diaper Caddy and Wipes Dispenser and we found that they fit into our lifestyle perfectly.

The Ubbi Diaper Caddy holds an average of 8 disposable diapers or training pants; around 12 if you squish them in. The caddy’s wipes compartment can store most disposable wipes containers, but if you’re feeling fancy you can pick up the matching Wipes Dispenser, which when used together provides a window to check the quantity of wipes remaining. The dispenser is also compatible with cloth wipes.



The Ubbi Diaper Caddy features a drawer for small items like rash cream, gas drops, extra paci’s, and grooming supplies. I keep breast pads in our drawer to avoid having to go upstairs if I forget to put a pair on. Included with the caddy is a soft changing mat which is a major bonus. I love that it’s durable and wipes clean.


Both the Ubbi Diaper Caddy and Wipes Dispenser feature non-skid protective rubber feet so there’s no slipping and sliding across surfaces. These products are also free of PVC, BPA, and Phthalates; a conscious parent’s dream. We are loving our caddy solution. We keep it tucked away in our console. It happens to match a pink bin that I picked up at Tarjay, so it looks like it belongs there. Score! The diapering duo by Ubbi are available in 4 colors that’ll complement any nursery or home decor. Grab your very own at UbbiWorld.

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